4 Business Lessons to Learn From Abudlghafour Al-Borie if He was A TEDx Speaker

A few days ago, we have seen people talking about the famous Egyptian Tv series “Lan A3eesh Fe Gelbab Aby” and within minutes, it went viral all over social media. People started watching it after growing up so they can watch it from a different angle.

One of the reasons why it went viral is because people started analyzing it from an artistic point of view and from an entrepreneurship point of view.

People started saying that the character of Abdulghafour Al-Borie is a true example of what a successful entrepreneur should be. The whole thing evolved when people started imagining Abdulghafour Al-Borie as a speaker at TEDx.


Abdulghafour Al-borie at TedEx Cairo

Yesterday an Art Director named Saleh Adly Saleh posted on his Instagram a series of photos where Abdulghafour Al-Borie is giving a speech at TEDx Cairo with his wife “Fatna” next to him along with his colleagues and previous boss “El Rayes Sardina”


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The question is; what if those characters were real and what if Abdulghafour was actually a speaker at TEDx, what could he possibly talk about?


1- Follow your dream and take risks

Just as we have seen on the TV series, the main character Haj Abdulghafour was impressed and inspired by his boss so he decided to follow his path and go solo; he followed his passion and started from the bottom until his business flourished.

What you can learn from this is to always follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to take risks. As long as you believe in yourself and your potentials, you will succeed.


2- Invest in the right people

Over the whole series we could notice that the protagonist kept investing in people who work with him; whoever has potentials worked with him and helped him grow and evolve work-wise.

This is one of the main elements that can help private businesses to grow; always invest in your employees and improve their skills to help your business flourish.

Haj Abudlghafour Al-Borie used to invest in his kids education and transferred his experiences and knowledge to the next generation of people he can trust.


3- Accept criticism

Always listen to what people say regarding your business, accept criticism because it will open your eyes to new perspectives, and fix your business’s problem.

Throughout the episodes, we could see the evolution of the character and how he was always open to new ideas to improve his business.

He even went to far to invest into a Jumbo Jet plane and take his business to new dimension although he received criticism. Be flexibly stubborn because there are ways to let criticism help you.


4- Build a culture that’s right for your brand

As we have seen in the 36 series, he expanded his business to go from a small shop to a whole factory, became well known in the market and almost everyone knows his name, which drove more customers and more business ideas to him.

Start innovating and expanding your business! Proving yourself in the market will give you the privilege of earning your customer’s trust, which will help you expand your business and success


What else do you think Abdulghafour would talk about during his TED Conference speech?

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