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Top 5 ads for 2013 in MENA

MENA, which brands managed to take the most advantage of the burgeoning online video advertising space in the end of 3013? A new reports reveal the big MENA winners in 2013 :YouTube unveils this year Ads Leaderboard.

The Results:

Brand/Country: Cocacola (Egypt)
Creative Agency: Fortune Promo 7
Viewership: 3,818,610


Brand/Country: Mobinil (Egypt)
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Viewership: 3,128,799


Brand/Country:  Cocacola (Egypt)
Creative Agency: Fortune Promo 7
Viewership: 2,559,101


Brand/Country: Vodafone (Egypt)
Creative Agency: Tarek Nour Communications
Viewership: 1,235,556


Brand/Country: Evian (Global)
Creative Agency: BETC
Viewership: 68,414,633

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard charts the ads people chose to watch this year (determined quantitatively via paid-to-organic view ratio and audience retention), not necessarily the “most watched” ads on YT. As such, these ads won’t be the ones with the highest view counts, but those that engaged their audience by using savvy promotion to ignite organic pass-along

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