Your Survival Kit To Stay Alive In An Unhealthy Work Environment

At a certain period of our career, we all have experienced working in a toxic work environment; some were able to get out while others weren’t. There are many reasons that could drive an employee to stay in an unhealthy work environment, one of them is not finding the opportunity to find another job.

So, if you are forced to work in a toxic environment, here’s what you can do to survive without letting it affect you.



Set Your Boundaries

You start setting your boundaries when you learn when to say yes and no.

Don’t let any colleague or even boss take advantage of you or your skills; don’t allow yourself to be used! Stay committed to your job and tasks. Learn how to tell the difference between a colleague that needs help and a colleague that wants to use you for their own benefit.

Setting your boundaries is like setting your ground rules; your colleagues will know how to deal with you and what to ask from you.



Avoid Drama

Each company has its own type of drama; no matter what it is, avoid it.

You will always find employees who live on drama; they either gossip or always start problems, don’t middle in, and don’t allow a colleague to drag you into it. Make your day revolve around your job and tasks; focus on how to give the best result and be productive.

Getting into the office’s drama will do nothing but waste your time and affect you negatively.



Be Strict And Take An Action

Don’t allow yourself to be used and if someone is trying to get you into trouble, report it.

Be firm and strict about what you allow and what you don’t, don’t accept any inappropriate behavior from a colleague or boss. If a colleague dragged you into a conflict, take it to your manager, if someone is taking the credit for a task you worked on, then report it.

When your colleagues see you defending yourself and work, they will stick to their limits.

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Act Professional

While it is necessary to be friendly with your colleagues, don’t be too friendly if your work environment is toxic.

Be professional and walk by your company’s rules; for example, make sure you always document every task and request and always communicate through your email. Being professional in your workplace will also help you set your boundaries and limits.

In fact, it will make it hard for you to make mistakes or fall into trouble.



Don’t Isolate Yourself

Working in a toxic work environment doesn’t mean that you should be alone all the time.

Isolating yourself will prevent you from improving; no matter what your work environment is like, you should socialize and build connections. You might face problems or conflicts but don’t let them prevent you from learning.

If you isolated yourself, you will find yourself not moving forward in your career.

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Clear Up Any Misunderstanding

Always be clear about what you say and your intentions, so you can avoid problems.

Being misunderstood in such an environment will lead to major problems, so make sure you are always clear. Also, if you have any conflict with a colleague work on solving it. Always clear the air between you and your colleague or boss, especially if someone is hostile towards you.



In order to survive, you have to have the will and persistence and shine in this toxic work environment.

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