Workplace Misconceptions Proven Wrong By Mountain View’s Heartwork

Terms like Employee Happiness Level, Satisfaction or Employees’ Well-being are not given the weight it deserves and is not being considered when hiring employees or even discussing workplace environments. Let’s face it, our understanding of workplace environments is based on stereotypes, due to lack of business owners’ willingness to change and adapt to new workplace trends.

We will debunk some of the common ’Workplace Myths’ through Heartwork, The first International Happy Business Hub in Egypt based on the science of happiness and science of design, innovated by Mountain View.

In collaboration with, the world’s first Culture coach-sulting company, DH, and the leading global architecture, planning and design firm, CallisonRTKL; Heartwork is introducing a holistic concept of the future ideal workplace environment.



Truth: Most business owners have the misconception that they can motivate employees with one method, which is usually through financial incentives. However, the evolvement of the workplace has proven this wrong, as one of the best ways to motivate employees is to get to know each of them as an individual, and then tailor the business approach accordingly. Heartwork proved that the greatest motivator to employees is not only based on the amount of money they get, but also their happiness levels.

Heartwork is built around the four pillars of happiness; Mind, Heart, Body and Soul through the science of design and science of happiness, a growing concept that should exist in every workplace to motivate employees and stimulate higher productivity levels

The Mind zone provides employees with the needed space and time to connect and disconnect according to their needs. The Heart zone provides bonding areas, access to nature, with aim of nurturing the concept of teamwork and appreciation which automatically improves employee’s productivity levels.

The Body zone provides all the aspects needed to create a healthy work environment entailing healthy food options, biophilic design and fitness utilities to aid them in achieving business goals efficiently. While the Soul Zone provides meditation areas to help feed employee’s souls and ensure that all employees are working for a purpose.



Truth:  Based on science, humans do not have the ability to focus on a single task for 90 minutes at a time, hence it is recommended to take frequent breaks accordingly.  Employees’ productivity is not measured by their working hours, but rather by how smart they could work with frequent breaks. This is why Heartwork provide outdoor spaces to encourage employees to take frequent breaks to unleash their creativity. Studies have shown that when employees are happy and satisfied they could boost the company’s sales by 37%.



Truth: Teamwork is considered an essential block in employees work life, as it helps in decreasing the stress and pressure put on individuals. So, Heartwork takes the comfort, happiness, and health into consideration of all their employees through providing open offices to encourage forward thinking communities to collaborate and share ideas.

This has been proven to increase retention by 41% impacting the business profitability in a positive way.

Heartwork, The 1st International Happy Business hub in Egypt

In accordance to world-class standards; Mountain View developed its Heartwork’s innovative standalone HQ500 building which provides personalized branding, outdoor spaces, front porch, roof and private entrance, ranging from 180 sqm up to 360 sqm that cater to small, medium, and large enterprises, along with other products specifically curated to fit  all business owner’s needs. The collective set of unique characteristics sets new standards for everyone in the business industry from business owners to employees.



Truth:  Nowadays health and wellbeing are the hot topics rising up the corporate agenda ladder. When employers are prioritizing their employees’ wellbeing and consider it as an important aspect; the employee automatically overachieve his professional and company’s goal.

The return-to-office debate has become the highlight of the marketplace during the last period, so Mountain View conducted a survey to measure the employees’ inclination to return to the office versus their willingness to continue working remotely. The results showed that all the employees wanted to return to Mountain View thanks to the company’s implementation of the ‘Science of Happiness’ model at its headquarters, resulting in a boost in the company’s revenue proving that happy environments affect employees’ productivity and company’s profitability alike. Committed to advocate for employees well-being; Mountain View developed its ‘Mind Zone’ in Heartwork with the luxury of being connected or disconnected when needed.

The good news is that you can fuel your creativity and experience the future of work places by Heartwork at the Creative Industry Summit in Nile-Ritz Carlton from 28th of November to 1st of December.

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