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Why Email Marketing Is Still The Best Way To Generate Leads

Everything about a company depends on its marketing efforts. Without a reliable digital marketing agency and a proper advertising to reach out to your prospects, you have no leads. Without leads, no sales. Without sales, no company. Moreover, out of all the different marketing strategies you can employ, email marketing remains the king. Recent statistics indicate it brings 4400% ROI with $44 for each $1 a company spends.


Email Marketing Campaign and How it Increases Your ROI

Even with the emergence of other marketing strategies, i.e., social media, email marketing remains the number 1 strategy in digital marketing. If you can leverage it properly and avoid some of the simplest mistakes, a great email campaign can propagate a substantial amount of leads. It can produce a good number of sales resulting in a massive return of investments.

With the statistics mentioned a while ago, every company must have an email campaign, right? But no. Some companies shy away from emails simply because they have no idea what it is and how it’s done. An email marketing campaign is, simply put, a series of emails you use to communicate to your existing and prospective customers.


Benefits of Email Marketing

ROI is crucial when it comes to measuring your business’s profits. It is one of the most important benefits when you use emails to generate leads. When you do your job well in devising an email campaign, you can enjoy a great deal of marketing advantage, especially in today’s fierce competition. Among the perks of email marketing includes:

  • Low cost, but great exposure
  • Targets an already interested audience
  • Send targeted messages
  • Drive sales and revenue

Besides these benefits, emails are great because they are easy to share and easy to measure. When you want to know if your marketing efforts are working, emails can quickly tell you what you are doing wrong. Moreover, it produces an instant impact while reaching out to people globally. With its unrivaled return of investment, it goes to say you need email marketing in your campaign.


Lead Generation and Why Marketers Always Try to Increase Their Lead

Many companies today struggle to grow due to fierce competition. It is why lead generation is a critical part of their marketing. However, many are saying they have a “lead generation” problem believing they’ve hit the limit of possible customers. But in truth, marketers are probably saying this because:

  • They were looking for business in the wrong places.
  • They didn’t map out their buyer personas correctly.
  • They don’t have a process of generating leads.

As a marketer, lead generation is crucial because it helps you get in touch with the consumers who are or might be interested in what you offer. Without it, your business ends up relying on hope and luck that a target customer will find your page and buy from you. Through lead generation, you can find the people at the bottom of your conversion funnel and lead them to you.


Not All Leads Are Created Equally – Learn How to Generate Better Ones

To generate leads, you need to utilize a wide range of techniques. That’s where digital marketing plays a huge role. Here’s how you typically create leads – first, a visitor finds your business through your website, social media page, blog, or emails.  If you did your marketing right, it should have a call-to-action (CTA) – a button or a message that tells the visitor what action to do.

Typically, the CTA brings your visitor to your landing page, which is designed to provide an offer in exchange for lead information. An offer is anything of value to the visitor, such as an eBook, or a free course, which they must have a merit for them to provide personal information. Of the different marketing channels that you can use to generate leads, email is one of the most effective.

It’s a good thing to have more leads, but not every lead is created equal and must be treated differently.  Knowing there are different leads, it is crucial that you have established objectives or guidelines for them. Otherwise, you can be overwhelmed with non-targeted or unqualified leads. It results in a waste of time, not to mention the rejection that can hurt your company’s morale.

Leads can be warm, hot or cold referring to the likelihood of them turning into a sale.  Your leads are cold if it is least likely to convert into a deal. You will never be able to remove cold leads altogether. But with email marketing automation and other lead marketing tips, you can increase your odds of getting warm and hot leads


Generate Leads with Email Marketing Automation and Verification Tool

The use of marketing automation software is one of the ways you can build email marketing tracks. These tracks are a collection of emails sent on schedule to a distinct type of buyer or a customer with specific interests. By creating and scheduling your emails, you can have an efficient and cohesive communication that will be highly valuable to your target audience.

Along with using an email list verification tool, you can ensure you are marketing at the right people. A verification tool is an especially useful tool when generating leads using emails as it assures the delivery is straight to the inboxes of valid recipients. With that, you can increase the chances of clicks and leads that contribute to your brand’s growth.

With emails, you can persuade your customers into engaging with your business. While it clearly stood the test of time, your email marketing probably needs a bit of dusting and fine-tuning of strategies. When you’ve improved your emails to warrant the time of your customers, you will find more leads bouncing back to you.

Since digital marketing became the leading method to reach out to consumers, email marketing remains one of the most essential strategies. In the days of intense competition, marketing proves it can improve the ROI of your organization. It isn’t only a vital part of the success of your business, it is business itself.


When you consider all the points mentioned in this article, you can set up your lead generation more effectively. Some lead generation tactics can cost you money, but there are also inexpensive options and methods that can help you save. Consider email marketing automation and see an efficient boost on your leads with a significant reduction of cost in the long run.

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