What To Do To Make Your Voice Heard At Work

Have you ever had too many ideas but you never had the chance to share them at work? Many employees struggle with being heard at their workplace! They sometimes never get a chance to share their opinion or sometimes they are too shy to do so.

Some employees struggle to pitch in in any conversation or brainstorming, and some can’t present their ideas properly so their managers or supervisors can listen. This struggle exists either because this employee is an introvert, shy or they can’t spot the right moment.

Here are some tips that you can follow if you want your voice to be heard at work.



Ask Questions

Always be ready with questions for your manager or colleagues.

Meetings and brainstorming sessions are all about discussion and asking questions; so, whenever there’s one, prepare questions about the topic. Your team and manager need to feel that you have an input in work and even in the company in general.

Asking questions means that you’re paying attention and that you want to learn. As a side note, always make sure that you avoid asking too many questions or basic questions that their answers are commonly known.



Speak Up In Meetings

Pay attention and take notice.

You don’t necessarily have to always ask questions in meetings; in fact, you can always participate by sharing your opinion. You have to learn how to speak up and discuss with your manager or colleagues; expressing your opinions and ideas might make your manager and team change theirs or it might make them notice something they didn’t before.

Always try to bring something different through your ideas and opinions.



Communicate More And Build Connections

Work on your communication skills to be able to be friends with your colleagues.

Working with a team requires communication skills since you will all be working together. If you love your job then you have to win your team and communicate with them. Always have conversations that can give you the benefit of sharing your opinion; expressing your opinions and ideas to your team might lead you to share them with your manager or supervisor.

Having connections in your company will definitely help you in being heard.



Speak At the Right Time and Say Something Worthy

Pick your moment and make your words worthy of listening.

Sharing opinions or ideas is exciting, especially if you have a creative one, but don’t let your excitement ruin everything; you have to pick the right time. For example, if you’re in a meeting, don’t interrupt your manager or colleague if they’re speaking, and especially if they’re having an angry discussion.



Be Direct And Straight To The Point

Avoid talking too much when you’re trying to explain your idea.

Some employees tend to talk a lot when they are presenting their idea, some tend to overanalyze while others talk about more than one subject at the same time; avoid doing this.

Talking too much will make your listeners bored, and you don’t want your manager nor colleagues to get bored of your idea or opinion.

So, if you’re about to discuss or share something, be straight to the point without any extras.



Don’t Underestimate Your Ideas

Believe in yourself and in your ideas, don’t let your anxiety controls your mind.

People who are shy tend not to share their ideas; don’t expect to have your job for a long time without contributing and participating with your team. If you have a good idea or even a solution to a problem, don’t think twice, just share it; thinking will lead you to come up with a conclusion that your idea isn’t any good and you’d probably save it to yourself, when in fact, it can be a major help to the team.

So, don’t underestimate yourself nor your ideas, you’re hired for a reason and this is it.



Have Confidence

All of the previous steps can be easily followed if you have enough confidence.

In fact, having confidence is the main key to being heard at work! Confidence will make you not scared to talk or to be part of any conversation, you will be able to share your ideas and present them properly, and you will have more faith in yourself.



Being heard at work is the first step in being recognized but staying in your own shell will get you nowhere.

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