WE Telecom reveals NITRO Package for digitally-oriented users

We Telecom is officially racing in the trendy adverts track. The company has just released a new advertisement promoting its new bundle called “Nitro”.

This time WE took its advert to a whole new level! We are used to see funny adverts from WE when they started collaborating with the actor Kareem Abdelaziz and then Maged Al-Kedwany but this time, they went for something completely different, unexpected and very impressive. They nailed everything right from music to the visuals, which is what caught our attention the most.

Nitro’s Advert Visuals: Dynamic Senses

WE Telecom’s new advert is one of the best when it comes to the visuals! You can’t help but notice the huge effort that was put into it. First, the execution of the advert is done brilliantly and how it was designed will immediately make you curious to watch the whole thing once it starts. The usage of neon lights in the dark always catches the eye and grabs the attention, which is a great element to be used in adverts.

The advert is so full of visuals’ details right from the very beginning with the upside down city buildings to bringing video games characters into real life. Not to mention the little throwback of an old famous video game on they had in the advert, which showed in one of the scene’s background.

Reaching The Target Audience

Knowing your target audience and being able to deliver your message to them is one of the main factors that can achieve an advert’s success. The bundle WE is promoting is dedicated to young social media daily users and gamers. This is why having a rap song and a famous rapper were the perfect choice to deliver their message. Also, including video games and the night-life are also one of the common things between young Egyptians which made it easy to reach the target audience.

Promoting By Rapping

We Telecom is not the first brand to use Rap songs in commercials. Since Rap became so popular and is considered to be one of the most effective ways that can reach young audience, agencies started using it in promoting their campaigns.

The targeted audience in the new advert is youth; this is why the company collaborated with the famous rapper Marwan Moussa who is one of the trendiest rappers among the Egyptian youth, which made perfect sense in creating the whole idea.

WE Telecom achieved important aspects in its advert, which are creativity, impressive visuals, reaching the target audience and grabbing the attention. These elements are what make an advert successful.

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