Want Your New Employees to Blend In? Follow These 6 Steps

We were all once “New Employees” in our company and we will always be every time we change our jobs. The feeling of being new is kind of scary because you get to do everything all over again; you have to build connections, you have to prove yourself, and you have to get used to your new working space.

Doing all of this all over again makes the new employees anxious and some of them even struggle to fit in. As a manager, you have to put this in mind since you are the one who is in command.

Therefore, here are some tips that you can do to help the new employees blend in and adjust to the new atmosphere.


1- Give Them a Tour

The first thing you do as a manager with your new team members is giving them a tour of the company. Introduce them to every room in the company so later on they know where to head if they need anything, and guide them to their new workspace.

Introducing the new employees to every corner of the company will reduce their anxiety since they will be familiar with the place.


2- Introducing The New Members

After giving them a tour, it is recommended that you gather all your employees and introduce them to their new colleague.

Give a proper introduction of who they are and what their title is and then introduce them to each department with its team.

This will make their blend in process easy since they now know all of the company’s teams.


3- Choose Someone to accompany them

The next step is choosing someone who will act as a mentor to accompany them every step of the way. Assign a person to be helping your new employees with their work system. Remember, this is all new to them, they need someone who will introduce to them the working tools and the office’s rules.


4- Put Yourself in Their Shoes

One of the things that can help you with how to assist your new employees is being in their place. Ask yourself this, “What did you want when you were the new employee?”

Answering this will guide you to the right steps to follow; we all go through the same feeling when we are the new ones so whatever we felt or needed, they are the same.

So, stop a little, think, and start doing what you wanted to be done with you.


5- Your Door Should be Always Open

New employees always have questions, make sure that you are here to answer them, or at least have someone else to do so. Also, Make sure that they know you are always here for them.

Be friendly and offer them help, try to communicate, and assure them that they are welcome whenever they needed anything.


6- Get to Know Them

Part of being a manager is knowing your team well, on a personal and professional level. So by now, you must have known your team and built a strong relationship with them. With the new member joining, you have to do the same.

Get to know them and make them feel that you are their friend rather than their manager.

Also, invite them to the company’s gatherings and when it’s break time, invite them to join you and your team. Don’t leave them behind.


Tell us about your experience as a new employee and if someone helped you.

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