“Same Great Feeling” Ministry of Tourism’s Campaign to Revive The Egyptian Tourism Once More

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic had forced all the countries around the world including Egypt to ban flights and to suspend tourism for a while until the situation is more stable. It has been almost four months since these decisions were made and a while ago, our government has announced that tourism will be returning in July and we will be welcoming tourists again but with applying precautionary measures to avoid any Coronavirus contagion.

Around a week ago, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched a campaign under the name of “Same Great Feelings” to promote tourism and to remind people of how beautiful Egypt is.

“Same Great Feelings” Campaign

On the 14th of June, the Ministry launched the campaign by releasing the first short movie. The short movie was published on the ministry’s official Facebook page and it included beautiful scenery of many places across Egypt. It also had a description of how beautiful they are to remind people that no matter how long they have been absent, every time they visit Egypt, they will still experience the same great feeling.

Yesterday the Ministry released a promotional video on its official Facebook page under the name of “A Tourist’s Journey in Egypt”. The video showed a couple of tourists arriving in Egypt and visiting most of Egypt’s touristic sites. Throughout the video, we noticed that the ministry is asserting that all precautionary measures will be applied carefully as we have seen that all the places will be sanitized and will include sanitizing devices and people are wearing medical masks.

This video also showed amazing scenery of the country and highlighted the beauty of the Nile, sea, pyramids, and all that distinguishes Egypt from any other country.


The Campaign’s Message

It is beautifully filmed and used oriental music to deliver the feeling of being in Egypt. The video did not only show the tourists’ journey but also reminded us of the great places we miss visiting and the places we haven’t visited yet.

The ministry is trying to deliver a message that they are following all safety measures and that it is safe to visit Egypt again since tourism will return next month.


Two Different Opinions

It is undeniable that we indeed miss traveling and miss visiting all of these beautiful places, but people on social media had two different opinions. Some people thought it is a good idea to launch the campaign and it is about time to welcome tourists again and revive tourism.

Others thought that it is a good idea to promote tourism but this is not the right time to release the videos since we are still at the peak of the pandemic and cases are still increasing daily.


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Aside from the two opinions, people do miss traveling but with the existence of the pandemic, some of them are strictly following all precautions and will avoid any gatherings in order not to be infected.

Tell us which opinion are you supporting and will you travel when next month with tourism returning?

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