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Rabbit: An Ultra-Fast Delivery Closes A New Round Of Pre-seed Funding of $11M

Online ordering has become very essential in our lives; many people would like to order everything they want online rather than go out and do their shopping. This is why delivery applications are gaining huge popularity because they cover people’s needs wherever and whenever they are.

While some platforms take time to achieve success, others can flourish in just a year. One of the platforms that is currently writing its success story and thriving is Rabbit. Rabbit has been gaining wide popularity and recently it achieved the largest pre-seed round in the Middle East and Africa.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rabbit.



What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit is an on-demand ultra-fast delivery application that delivers groceries, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

The company was founded in October 2021 by Ahmad Yousry, Walid Shabana, Ismail Hafez, and Tarek El Geresy; these 4 men took 130 days to implement the idea, launch the application and even receive the first order.


Buy It In Seconds, Delivered In Minutes

What distinguishes Rabbit from other applications is that it delivers the customer’s order in under 20 minutes.

The company is using dark stores and it promises the consumer that their orders will never be out-of-stock. Even though delivering an order in 20 minutes seems impossible in the busy streets of Cairo, Rabbit has made it possible through its proprietary tech that it built.

Ahmed Yousry stated,

Our customers absolutely love to get their everyday shopping done in 20 minutes. Our relentless focus on creating an unprecedented magical customer experience is what brings every Rabbit to work every day.



Rabbit Closed New Round of Pre-seed Funding

In an important announcement, Rabbit has made today, it stated that it has closed a new round of pre-seed funding of 11 million dollars, which is a high record for the Middle East and Africa regions.

This is a major achievement for a company that started a year ago! This is proof of how smart the team behind the company is and how dedicated it is. It is obvious that the team knows exactly what the customers’ demands are and knows how to meet their expectations.

Ahmad Yousry said

Consumer expectations have evolved significantly over the past 2 decades. On-demand has taken over the music, media, and transportation industries and we believe that on-demand retail is next. We are building a business with speed as a core part of the DNA, which is evident in how we operate and work. We measure things by seconds because ultimately, we are not in the business of retail or convenience, we are in the business of time. We work hard to ensure we save you time to do more with your day.

The company also has many investors that believe in its potentials, the investors are Global Founders Capital, Foundation Ventures, Raed Ventures, MSA Capital, and Goodwater Capital. It is worth mentioning that they are energized by Rabbit’s enormous growth potential.

Talal Alasmari, founding partner of Raed Ventures, said

We believe that the founders of Rabbit, with their ambitious vision and extensive experience, possess the ability to lead in the Ultra-fast delivery domain, not only in Egypt but in the region as a whole.



A Plan To Expand

Rabbit is currently serving only 4 locations, Mohandiseen, Zamalek, Maadi, and Nasr City.

The company is working on a plan to expand to cover more cities in the next 12 months and it is expecting to receive hundreds of thousands of orders per month.



We are proud to see Egyptian companies succeed and flourish in a short time.

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