Podcast Host Ahmed ElAshrey Shares His Expectations For 2022

As the podcast field is still emerging we decided to have more discussions with podcast hosts to tell us more about their expectations for this certain field this year.

We had a lovely talk with the podcast host Ahmed ElAshrey to share with us his thoughts.

Ahmed is a Brand and Communication Manager and on the side, he created his famous Facebook page under the name of “Beta3 Copies” or “بتاع كوبيز” along with a YouTube channel, where he discusses everything related to marketing.

Let’s see what Ahmed had to say.

As for his podcast, he created Copycast podcast in 2020 and his episodes are usually trending on Apple and it is always recommended in the marketing and branding section.


What are the expectations for the Podcast field in Egypt especially in 2022?

The podcast industry has grown significantly over the last three years in Egypt. I guess we will witness more growth rates in 2022 as the level of awareness regarding this medium is positively increasing


What are the expected challenges that will face the field and hosts in 2022?

The toughest challenges for new and upcoming podcast shows will be in:

1- Getting people to listen: it takes so much time to happen. Many successful podcasts are built on the personal brands of the podcast hosts, who already have a popular following. So you’ve to take into consideration how to build your fan base with a strong presence on social media platforms

2- Getting over the initial experience: I’ve been there. You’re going to make a few mistakes that aren’t that good for your podcast, but eventually, this experience will pass. With every newly published episode, your skills will continue to develop so Enjoy the process.

3- Consistency: to have a successful podcast there should be regular episodes created and not just when you feel like it. They should be recorded, edited, and updated on a regular basis which is gonna be hard at first. Try to batch recording like three episodes in advance, this will give you more time to schedule properly and ideate efficiently for what’s next


How do you measure the success of your podcast?

Avg of listening and downloads every month is a very important success metric of course, but as a podcaster what matters to me the most is brand mentions, word of mouth overall, and direct communication with my listeners

Such metrics overall give me insights into what to do next and help me evaluate the medium experience overall.


What do you think the podcast field needs to gain more recognition in Egypt?

One of the main principles of influence is authority, and I guess the more authoritative content creators enter the podcasting medium, the more audience will follow them there to listen. Eventually, the podcast field will gain more recognition as people will discover more podcasts in many categories and share the valuable content they consume there on all different social media platforms.

What other podcasts do you listen to?

1- The Tim Ferriss Show
2- Philosophize This
3- The Joe Rogan Experience
4- Business Wars
5- The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Who is your favorite podcast host?

Tim Ferriss

You can listen to Ahmed ElAshrey’s podcast Copycast from here.


Wait for more expectations soon. 

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