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Hakim at Olympia Theater in Paris to support “This Is Egypt” campaign

Famous sha’bi singer Hakim’s newest tour lands him at the illustrious Olympia Theater, Paris. In the footsteps of the late legend Umm Kulthoum, Hakim will be performing at the same theater in order to promote Egypt.

Over 50 years ago, in 1967, Umm Kulthoum led an orchestra with her strong and distinctive vocals in front of the masses of Paris at the Olympia Theater. The concert was in tribute to Egypt’s win over Israel, as she was a large supporter of the government, with a large love for her country.

According to the legend herself (quoted from Umm Kulthum: Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend), the singer described her concerts in Paris to be a battle of propaganda.

“[to counter] destructive propaganda describing the Arabs as the instigator of the war and the aggressors.”

Now, in her footsteps, Hakim goes to the Olympia Theater as the 2nd ever Egyptian singer to sing in its hall.

Just as with Umm Kulthoum, Hakim’s concert will be focused on countering the hurtful stereotypes about Arabs, which has heavily affected the country’s touristic sector.

The concert is said to promote the country, its beautiful wonders, and help encourage a rise in foreign tourism.

The video not only talks about Umm Kulthoum, and the need for Egyptians to encourage the loving and safe atmosphere of Egypt, it also praises others who have put effort into helping the country.

Hakim singing at “Olympia” is not just an important events on the Egyptian and Arab arts scene, but also a chance to show just one of the many parts of Egypt’s rich culture that could help in driving tourists back to Egypt.

One of the most profoundly prestigious and popular theatres in Europe, and in fact around the world, over the years the theatre has established itself as a venue that only hosts the best, with legends Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Dalida and Jack Braille, all gracing their stage.

Hakim’s concert at the Olympia Theater will be on September 23 and the mega stars tour will include 8 concerts covering Spain, Netherlands and France. The highlight of the tour will be the scheduled concert at the “Olympia”theater in Paris, where Hakim will become the third Egyptian to ever be invited to perform there, putting him in the hall of fame alongside icons Om Kalthum and Adel Halim Hafez.

The charitable tour will also see all proceeds and profits of Hakim’s concerts being contributed to three different Egyptian charities –TahyaMisr Fund, MagdiYacoub Foundation and the National Cancer Institute 500500, to help further support the overall development of the country.

Overview about the Tour:

  • Tour Duration: 15 September 2017 until 30 September 2017
  • Expected Attendees: the average attendance from 18,458 to 40,000 from all nationalities
  • Tour’s Locations: a number of European capitals including Toulouse, Marseille, Paris, Roubaix, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Montpellier.
  • The main objectives of the tour is the promotion of tourism, monuments and Egyptian art.
  • Zahi Hawas will be the tour’s official ambassador.
  • The concerts will be attended by a number of celebrities to show their support, including: Rajaa Al-Gedawy, Hussein Fahmi, Boshra, Hind Sabri, and Khaled Nabawi.
  • The tour’s media coverage will be done before, during and after the tour.
  • Local media outlets covering the pre-tour: Al Ahram, Al Akhbar, Youm Al 7, Al Masry Al Youm, Al Wafd, Ain, Cairo Scene, Fe Al Fan, Vito Gate, Identity, Scoop Empire, Cairo 360.
  • Local media outlets covering during the tour: Al Nahar, CBC, Dot Egypt, Al Bawaba and Al Tahrir.
  • International media outlets covering the event: ONTV, 2France, 3France, Le Monde, Liberation, 2RTL.


Soft Power Marketing; changing public opinion through music

Soft Power Marketing is the ability to change foreign public perception by fine tuning your messages, creating them according to how the target audience will understand and interpret the message.

Hard Power Marketing is understood as the classic “Hard Sell” technique. This would involve salesmen trying to convince people that their product is superior, or their country. It is now popularly known as unable to really capture the attention of younger generations.

With Soft Power Marketing, countries are able to influence how the country is seen by not pushing their agenda through traditional venues, but by slowly easing the message through consistent soft marketing.

Here is a question; why is America seen by many as a powerhouse?

Due to their movies, which always put America in a loving spotlight, and their music where many artists call America the “land of the free” or the “we the best.”

Through consistent love and adoration from its movies and artists, the USA has been able to use Soft Marketing to brand itself, and almost permanently so.

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Through Arab artists that are world renowned, Egypt can also use SP Marketing to improve our standing as a great vacation country. It is also up to many of us to use SP techniques by trying to reduce negative posting, and increase visibility on the portions of the country we love.

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