Digital marketing A new Egyptian competitor to Starzly connecting you with celebrities

The creativity that has invaded the digital world in MENA region is unstoppable. We have been witnessing the release of so many applications and specialized websites and each one has different power points and even if there are covering similar ideas, you will still be able to spot the different factors between one application and another.

The majority of people love getting in touch with their favorite celebrity and most people used to head to Instagram since it was the only way to communicate with them, which was still hard since not all celebrities check their DMs.

Until very recent time, the idea of communicating with a celebrity seemed a little bit impossible, until a recent day, when we witnessed the launch of websites that could connect people to their favorite idols.


Connecting People With Celebrities

These websites allow you to get a personalized message from your favorite celebrities. The steps you have to follow are these choose the celebrity you like, some applications make you pay a certain amount of money, and then you either want a message for yourself or you dedicate a message to a friend as a surprise and you do that through a recorded video or written message.


Wanna get personalized video from your favorite star?

In the Middle East, there are two websites that are widely known, one called Starzly and a new one called Nejmo.

Starzly was founded in 2019 and there was a moment when it gained wide popularity because of the actor Mohamed Ramadan.

Remember when the actor posted a video message and stated that the star of La Casa de Papel, Enrique Arce sent him this? Later Ramadan went viral because people found the logo of Starzly on the video and stated that the video wasn’t a direct message, it was paid for.

The second website is Nejmo, it is newly released and follows the same steps as Starzly, but what differentiates Nejmo from Starzly?

So far, the website launched a huge campaign to promote for itself through the release of a new video for the new song by the singer Hakeem and it was powered by the website, which is something Starzly hasn’t done yet. The only thing that differentiates Starzly is that it has an application that can be found on Google play store.


Could They Make a Change in The Marketing Field?

When TikTok was first launched no one expected that it would grab the brands’ attention, so can these websites do the same?

We can’t help that this might seem a good idea if these websites want to gain even wider popularity and expand their business if they don’t want it to be dedicated to only messages between celebrities and fans.

There are many ways for them to expand; international brands can make use of these websites, either for adverts or to even speak to their loyal customers through it.

It will all depend on how the brand and the websites would want to form a way of communication.


These Are Not the Only Websites

Starzly and Nejmo are not the only websites that can make celebrities and fans communicate; there is another website but for international stars called Cameo.

This website includes many of our favorite international celebrities and it has them in categories, in case if you’re looking for actors, singers, comedians, or athletes but it charges with USD.

Cameo was in fact founded in 2017, so the idea of getting in touch with certain celebrities to receive a certain message is not new.


What’s next and what to expect

Since Nejmo powered Hakeem’s new song, we expect so many from Nejmo and we think the team behind it hold many plans to expand the business, we might even see its name sponsoring events, concerts, or singing contests.

Also, we might witness similar applications to launch and who knows maybe it won’t include celebrities, maybe it will dedicate its business to something else, like brands or entrepreneurs.


So, what do you expect from these websites and would you use them to get in touch with your favorite celebrity?

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