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Live webinar: Connecting with Arab Female Consumers on Social Media

The modern Arab women have emerged as a more powerful consumer force than ever before. In many households, today, young Arab women are believed to do the lion’s share of household shopping. The rise of social media use in the Arab world means more empowerment for women. Aspiring Arab females are turning to social networks for news, advice, socializing and shopping.

The increased purchasing power of Arab women makes them an attractive demographic for marketers. Yet, understanding the Arab female consumer and connecting with her proves to be challenging.

Sign up now to attend this live webinar on Wednesday, 29 July 2015 at 12PM Dubai time.

Insightful presentation by the founder of fustany.com
Attend this exclusive webinar to learn from our featured speaker, Amira Azzouz, the Founder and Editor in Chief of fustany.com. During the webinar Amira will share with you her experience developing fustany.com into one of the largest bilingual fashion and lifestyle portals in the Middle East.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The lifestyle, aspiration and ambition of the modern Arab woman.
  • The role of social media in empowering women in the region.
  • The unique cultural and societal characteristics of Arab female consumers.
  • Top tips on engagement with Arab women on social media.
  • Content and messaging the appeals to the Arab female consumer today.

This webinar is a unique opportunity to gain practical tips and insights on the modern Arab woman’s lifestyle, aspirations and ambitions and how to engage and resonate with her on social media.


amira_azzouzAmira Azzouz

Amira Azzouz is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Fustany.com, one of the leading fashion and lifestyle destinations in the Arab world. She started off Fustany.com during her last year in college, September 2009, where she studied Telecommunication Engineering. Amira has high goals in life and is always willing to step outside of her comfort zone to break the norm. She is a foodie who is work oriented and very proud of being an Arab woman. Amira finds inspiration in everything around her and she’s the youngest Middle Eastern Editor-in-Chief.

Sign up now to attend this live webinar on Wednesday, 29 July 2015 at 12 PM Dubai time.

Farah Souhail

Farah is a digital marketer at Meltwater who is passionate about all things related to social media, PR and marketing. Speaking 3 languages, she loves observing the impact of marketing on society and takes a special interest in the social media landscape in the Middle East & North Africa. As a foodie, Farah enjoys baking and one of her ambitions is to master the art of cupcake making.