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Investment and Technology Conference to be held on Tuesday 24th of November

The Communications and Information Technology sector has been a true driving engine of economic growth and development in Egypt during the past 15 years. The sector is not only responsible for a total change in the day-to-day lives of every Egyptian; it has also been one of the most dynamic sectors impacting the financial markets and attracting billions in FDI while raising capital through the nation’s capital market.

Investment and Technology Conference to be held on Tuesday 24th of November will bring together senior government officials, senior CIT executives and members of the private sector to discuss the future of Egypt’s CIT sector and explore the new investment opportunities.

Egypt’s Smart Government –A Nation’s Race on the Information Superhighway//

The Egyptian e-government program started as early as 2001 and implemented several pilot projects. Some of these pilots succeeded and were rolled out all over the country, while others were less successful, and were either discontinued or re-modeled and re-implemented. More recently, efforts have been exerted in integrating smart technology into managing the subsidy system whether be it food or for fuels and many other roll-out smart projects such as the Domestic remittances, Transit fare collection systems, tax collection, and Salaries and Pensions just to name a few are under design or implementation.

Even the ministry of electricity has joined ranks by introducing new Rechargeable cards for advance payment of electricity use for both homes and commercial properties.

The Technology behind Egypt Banking and Non Banking Financial Sector//

For the past two decades the Egyptian Financial Sector has shown great resilience, surviving and overcoming continuous global financial and economic volatility. More recently domestic and regional political and economic environments have also put the regions’ major economies under threat as nations continue to struggle with the after effects of the Arab Spring and an extended period of global recession.

Despite the challenges, Egypt’s banking and non bankingfinancial services sector has kept its head above the water and once again led the way to recovery and growth during the past four years. Today, Egypt has a clear and optimistic outlook for the future of its economy and the financial sector will once again play a pivotal role in enhancing and securing Egypt’s fiscal future and growth.

Smart Village Conference Center (The Village Center)
Smart Village Conference Center (The Village Center)

Cloud Computing – Taking Egypt by Storm//

While Cloud computing has been taking the world literally by storm, Cloud computing and storage solutions were first brought to Egypt as far back as 2010. Since then the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has championed the technology supporting its stages of growth developing an attractive environment for multinational companies to expand the service across the nation. In 2014 the cabinet of ministers approved MCIT financing and implementation of the first cloud computing project at the governmental bodies, “which represents a large step towards achieving the digital society in all walks of life, thus opening opportunities for mega investments in technology applications and sectors, providing more job opportunities and supporting small and medium industries.”


  • Dr. Sherif Hashem – Vice President for Cybersecurity – NTRA
  • Mr. Bishoy Louis – Information Technology Institute – MCIT
  • Eng. Sherif Taher – Head of Public Private Partnership Unit – MCIT
  • Mr. Ahmed Nounou  – Senior Director –  LOGIC Management Consulting
  • Khaled Abdel Kader – General Manager – Microsoft (T.B.C)
  • Reem Asaad – CEO – Raya Data Center (T.B.C)
  • Sherif Barakat – Country Director – Samsung
  • Gamal Hegazy –Solution Architect – Alcatel Lucent
  • Mohamed Salah Hegazy – Head of Business Solutions – Mobinil
  • Mr. Ahmed El Sayed – Head of Research –EGX
  • Mr. Ahmed Marwan – Executive Chairman – SIGMA Capital
  • Ms. Joman Salama– Chief Operating Officer – Barclays – Egypt
  • Ms. Shatssy Hassan  – Chief Security Officer – CIB 
  • Mr. Sherif Samy – Executive Chairman –EFSA
  • Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan – Chairman and Managing Director – e-finance

Your participation in “Investment and Technology Conference” will guarantee the success of this Conference, especially in giving the future vision on Egypt’s CIT sector, exploring the sector’s new investment initiatives and addressing challenges hindering its growth.

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