How Staying in a Job You Hate Can Affect Your Physical and Mental Health

“Do you love your job?”

This is the second question people ask you right after they ask you what your job is; if your answer is yes, then you got no problems regarding what you do, but if your answer is no then you need to do some rethinking and take an action.

Staying in a job you hate can cost you a lot on so many levels, physically, personally, and even psychologically. If deep down you can’t stand being in your job but you are doing it anyway, then you need to be aware that you are slowly destroying yourself.

Here’s how staying in a job you hate can affect you and your mental health.


Depression and Anxiety

They say anxiety is depression’s best friend, most of the time when you are depressed, you are also anxious, and your job can cause you that.

Being in a job you hate will have a negative effect on your mental health, you will find yourself depressed all the time and you will start to stop talking to people gradually. All of this will drive you to lose your energy and you will be lazy to do the simplest tasks. This will also cause you anxiety because, with every task assigned to you, you will be extremely anxious due to not wanting to do it.


Low Self Esteem

The more time you spend at this job, the more you lose passion, and losing passion will drive you to lose interest in even completing the simplest tasks.

All of this will make you lose your self-confidence because you will think that you can’t get anything done, and someone will always tell you that your performance is bad. All of this will bring you down and will drive an inner feeling of being unable to do anything anymore.

What we need you to know is that this isn’t you, this is how your mental health is affected by your hatred towards your job.


You will be physically drained

Your anger, frustration, and all of your negative feelings will drain you out of energy and you will feel that physically you can’t do anything. Having mental health issues can affect the physical health; you will find yourself having problems even waking up in the morning because deep down you hate waking up for this job.

Also, this will affect your personal life, you won’t be able to have proper communication with people, and you will find difficulty doing the things you love.


Getting Lost and Clueless

Many people are afraid to take risks, so if you’re in a job you hate, you would be wanting to leave but at the same time, you don’t know where to go and when you will find another job.

Leaving your job is definitely a risk but with your current state, you will be afraid to take it. Your mental health issues will make you think more than twice before making any decision; so you will end up not knowing what the right step to take is.


An Endless Loop of Stress and Losing Sleep

All of this pressure will cause you stress and losing sleep, you will be in an endless loop because stress causes lack of sleep, so you will be going round in circles not knowing how to get rid of both.

You will always be stressed over the issues you are facing and the fact that you are going to a job you hate every day, and all of this won’t go away unless you find out a way that enables you to deal with this situation.


How to Deal

These types of situations require a relaxed mind; you won’t be able to make any decisions while being depressed and anxious.

So what you can do is talk to a friend and take some time off to rearrange your thoughts. Leaving your job is a risk but you have to take it, you can do it right away or you can do it when you secure yourself with another job.

Looking for another job and going through interviews will reduce your stress a little bit because deep down you know this situation is about to be over.


In the end, it is better to risk it than to put yourself in a place where you’re mentally exhausted. Building a successful future always depends on taking risks.

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