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How Nancy Ajram and Amir Karara Introduced Etisalat’s Superheroes For Ramadan 2021

This Ramadan, we have to admit that many brands have surprised us with their adverts and their creativity. Although opinions may differ, we have seen many people liking one certain advert, Etisalat’s.

The network company has put a huge effort into this creative campaign along with its advert. It is one of the strongest this year as it has many factors that attracted people’s attention.

A ‘Much Stronger’ Network

As we all noticed, all brands released their advert on the first day of Ramadan, except for Etisalat.

Etisalat didn’t release its advert at the beginning of the holy month’s adverts’ race, it released it 2 days after. On the 15th of February, the brand launched its Ramadan campaign under the name of ‘أقوى_بكتير’ or ‘Much Stronger’ with a song under the same name.

The campaign depended on a collaboration between the famous actor Amir Karara and the gorgeous singer Nancy Ajram. This is the very first collaboration between the two stars and we have to say that its result was a huge success.

The advert is describing how strong the network is through many situations, which is represented by the many characters Amir Karara portrayed. The network operator wanted to show its customer its superiority of network, that it is the best operator, and that no matter what you’re doing or what you want, it will provide it.


This is showcased in how Ajram is describing the man of her dreams; Ajram represents the customers and what she wants in her man represents the customers’ needs. Amir Karaka’s changing superhero characters represent Etisalat as a strong network; it always provides the customers with their needs and always meets their expectations no matter what they are, just like Amir Karara was meeting Nancy Ajram’s.


The Graphics and Costumes

Etisalat has put a huge effort into implementing the whole campaign.

Throughout the advert and the portrayed situations, we can see the huge effort put into the graphics and the designed animated characters. These graphics are, in fact, one of the factors that made the advert succeed and grab the attention of millions of viewers.

Also, the designed costumes were a perfect fit; we could see that through Amir Karara being a gladiator, cyborg, Ali Baba, A Spy, and so on.


Amir Karara: Etisalat’s Superhero

There were multiple Superheroes presented by Karara, and they are:

Ali Baba: In the advert, Amir Karara played the character of Ali Baba who stops to take a selfie with Nancy Ajram during his chase with the thieves.

Gladiator: Another character Amir Karara portrayed is the gladiator who fights a giant and is one call away from being there to help people. This is a hint of how strong the network is as it is allowing you to reach whoever you want at any time, even a gladiator.

Cyborg: When the planet is under aliens attack, call Amir Karara because he’s a cyborg. During the song of the advert, Ajram describes the strength of the cyborg and that he can take aliens with one arm. The advert’s idea states that the cyborg’s fight can be seen with the help of Etisalat’s strong network.

And all of these characters represent how Etisalat always responds to its customers’ demands.


Millions Of Views In A Matter Of Days

All of these attention-grabbing factors led to attracting millions of views.

In a matter of 4 days, the advert reached 9 million views on YouTube and 30 million views on Facebook. Now, On YouTube, the advert has over 39.7 million views, while on Facebook, the advert has 61.9 million views, 217K likes, 14K comments, and 6.3K shares.

We would love to congratulate Etisalat for achieving such huge numbers and the hard work it put into this advert.

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