Eight Types of Managers: Which Ones Are Most Effective in 2021?

If you have been working for many years then you probably have dealt with many types of managers. Some of them made you love going to work every day, while others made your life hell.

This is a normal experience, we all meet different kinds of people every day, and it is unfortunate that when you work with a good manager, at some point you have to leave.
Before we get into the article, you have to know something; a manager is a person that can drive the employee to leave or to stay and be loyal.

So, if you are working or about to, here are some types of managers that you met or will meet.


1- The Supporter

The supporter is the one who makes you proud of your work and makes you want to do your best.

These managers always encourage you and appreciate your hard work. They are aware of the secret that can drive an employee to work hard, which is “Encouraging Words”. We always talk about the necessity of appreciation and the supporter manager knows how important this is.

So this type will help you to grow and improve.


2- The Invisible

This is probably the only person who owns the invisibility cloak!

This one just disappears with no way to contact them! They disappear with no warning and leave you to work with no guidance. The problem is that when you try to reach them, you get nothing. And sometimes, they communicate through one certain person. This person has the access to reach them but not all the time.

This type causes a lot of problems because they don’t give heads-up on what to do when you face a problem that requires their existence.


3- The Secretive One

They keep their feedback to themselves.

This type doesn’t share feedback whether it’s good or bad; they just keep it to themselves. You keep working without a clue if you’re going in the right direction and they just watch in silence. They only talk when they are fed up with the mistakes, which doesn’t make sense.

If you are dealing with a similar manager then you have to ask them frequently about their feedback.


4- I’m One of You

This is the coolest manager you could possibly meet because they’re more of a friend than a manager.

This type makes you feel comfortable in the company. They are around having conversations and telling jokes. You’d find them always suggesting what to eat and planning outings for the whole company. They also start the day with energy and optimism.

Usually, this type is a supporter too because they want to form a family, not just a manager and employees. Also, these managers make you wanna wake up and head to work.


5- The Mysterious One

You don’t know anything about the mysterious manager.

They also communicate through a certain person and you only see them in meetings. This one makes you anxious whenever they call you to their office because you think you’re definitely fired but you’re not, they just want to tell you something regarding work.


6- The Serious But Considerate

This one takes everything seriously unlike the “I’m one of you” but they are considerate.

This one doesn’t involve much with the team, they are always serious and communicate only when it’s about work but they are understanding. They don’t give you hard time and they don’t pressure you, they just want you to do your work perfectly.

The good thing about them is that they are considerate; meaning, when you need them in anything, they are there and they will help you. If you’re facing a problem, then will help you solve it and they understand your circumstances.


7- The One Who Lurks

They sit there quietly waiting for you to make a mistake.

This type doesn’t share good feedback, they only tell you what you did wrong. This type of manager can sometimes make the employee feel unconfident about their work.  Also, this type can drive an employee to seek other opportunities.


8- Bad Management Style: Mr. “I Don’t Care”

You could be sick but they don’t care, work needs you.

This is actually based on true events; someone who had COVID-19, their manager refused to give them a couple of days off because work needed them. Unfortunately, many employees have dealt with these managers; you could be sick or have a certain situation, yet they still want you to show up.

We are fully aware that sometimes work does need you, but we’re talking about those who are inconsiderate.


For managers, keep in mind that you’re the only one who can gain your employee’s loyalty and love for the company. And for employees, don’t let one bad manager make you leave or doubt your skills.

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