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Dubai Lynx Awards Offers An Early Bird Discount On The Tickets

As we have stated before, creative minds should be celebrated and honored, and that’s what Dubai Lynx has been doing for years now. This year we have seen many creative minds take creativity to a whole new level and unleash their new ideas in adverts, film, design, and more. This is why we expect Dubai Lynx to include many talented competitors in many categories.

If you want to witness one of the biggest events in the MENA region that celebrates creative minds, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. Dubai Lynx has now made it available for anyone to book their ticket and we have all the details you need to know.


More Details About Dubai Lynx

The Lynx Awards celebrates creativity in the MENA region and drives those with creative minds to compete locally and gain global recognition.

The Dubai Lynx Awards is a prestigious black-tie dinner event and it is set to take place live at Dubai Opera House on the 16th of March 2022. The event will be for celebration and networking for the whole industry.

The event is one of the best chances to honor creatives and to see what they have achieved in the past year and what it takes to be the winner.

Thea Skelton who is the Festival Director at Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity said

 “The industry is beyond enthusiastic and has been waiting for Lynx to return. We are happy to announce the Awards will take place in person at the Dubai Opera on 16 March. Get ready to be inspired by MENA’s game-changing creative work.”

If you want to book your ticket, then here’s what to do.


Why Get Your Dubai Lynx’s Ticket

Aside from celebrating the creative minds, Dubai Lynx is providing one of the best offers when you book your ticket now.

The Lynx Awards provides a different experience that opens the eyes to new ideas and opportunities and it is the perfect place to build connections and meet the greatest minds whether from the contestants or the jury.

Dubai Lynx has announced that the awards seats are now available on sale for people to start booking. The Lynx Awards has a final early bird, which provides a discount on the ticket prices for those who book their seat by the 23rd of February.

So, if you’re interested to attend then hurry up and book your seat to benefit from the discount.

You can buy your pass from here.

There are many contestants from many categories that vary from entertainment, film, direct, media, print & Publishing, radio & audio, creative effectiveness, creative strategy, design, and many more.


We are very excited to witness this huge event and to know who the winner will be.

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