Dear Fresh Graduates: 8 Tips to Help You Choose A Career Path

As we reached the end of the educational year, we always notice that some of the fresh graduates feel lost about starting a career. Many fresh graduates can’t determine which career path they should follow and what skills they should have; some also don’t even know the skills they own that could enable them to start a successful career.

We decided to dedicate this article to the fresh graduates to help them decide which career would properly fit them.

So, if you’re a fresh graduate don’t be anxious about how to start your career, here’s what you can do to identify the field you are good at.


Ask Yourself “What Can I Actually Do?”

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, start thinking about the things you’re good at, and write them down.

We are all good at things but we’re not aware of them; we don’t realize our skills or talents unless we’re put in a situation. For example, if you have excellent communication skills then you might be good at Public Relations. Whatever the skills you have, you will find a field that fits them perfectly.

So, listing what you’re good at will make you think of possible fields to work at.


Where Does Your Passion Lie?

Try to figure out the thing you’re most passionate about.

Passion is what drives you to start whatever career you want! Whatever you’re passionate about, you can build a career around it. Many people realize their passion even after they choose a career and they make a career shift. So, try to figure out what you’re passionate about and then search for a job that serves this passion.


Seek A Career Counselor

There are a lot of places that offer career counseling and they have helped many people discover their skills and guided them to the right career path.

There are many people who work as career counselors, they are able to help you know your skills and find the job that suits your skills and talents the most.

Many people depend on career counseling when they don’t know what job works for them best.


Don’t Be Scared To Try

This is the time to try jobs and change them until you find the right one.

With every job you take, you gain experience that will help you figure out who you are and what your skills are. By that time, you will find out the exact right career for you; so, don’t be scared to try.


Seek Those Who Share The Same Interest

When you meet people who share the same interests, they might put you in the right direction.

People with the same interests as yours will open up your eyes and mind to many options and ideas; they might even make you know what you’re passionate about.


Ask The Seniors

Many people went through the same situation you’re going through now, ask them how they dealt with it.

People with experience will benefit you and tell you exactly what to do; you will be able to learn from their mistakes. You can also seek a senior person who knows you and ask them if they know your skills and the best career for you.


Get A Little Social

You have to know that one of the critical factors in building a career is forming connections.

If you know your skills and your passion, search for communities that have people with the same passion and skills; start communicating with them especially if they’re older with more experience. This will enable you to build connections that will help you in the future.


Gain Some Search Skills

Whether you’re looking for a job now it in the future, you will need good searching skills.

We know it’s not easy to get a job right when you graduate, this is why you have to have good searching skills. You have to know how to search, there are many opportunities in many Facebook groups and also on hiring websites, all you have to do is just know where to look.


Dear fresh graduates, get ready for your new beginning as you are about to experience a whole new life. 

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