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“Dare” pong and personalized foodstuff: PepsiCo at GFF18

The El Gouna Film Festival has come to a close with fabulous outfits, glammed up celebrities and exciting movies. This year’s film festival was wild both offline and online, gaining over 25 million hashtag impressions in one night!

Brands of all types were at play during this year’s festival, all yearning to grab some of the attention provided by the internationally watched event.

The 2nd edition of El-Gouna Film Festival (#GFF18) fostering awareness on digital media in absolutely amazing stats.

Posted by Think Marketing Magazine on Thursday, September 20, 2018

We’re taking a look at this year’s Official Beverage Sponsor, Pepsi and what they came up with for the event.

PepsiCo’s aesthetic has always been about being on top of current topics and trends, and their sponsorship of the festival is no different. During the 10-day festival, the brand looked towards capitalizing on the glam and popular nature of the festival with personalized items, limited editions and interesting content.

Personalized Limited Editions

Starting off the festival, Pepsi released special limited-edition golden cans for the event. These cans were only sold in and around El Gouna, its black and gold coloring contrasting with the beachy aesthetic of El Gouna but fitting in with the glitz and glam of the festival.

Pepsi Diet’s makeover comes in silver and gold.

The brand also went a step further, introducing a personalization factor to the new limited cans.

At the beverage brand’s booth, Pepsi lovers could grab a very personalized PepsiCo product. During the festival, fans could personalize a special limited edition GFF can along with a custom Forno Fusion chips bag.

Fans could take pictures at the booth to be printed on the PepsiCo products, which would be provided in a matter of minutes. Fans could also find a special Pepsi vending machine at the marina which gave out Pepsi and granita made of Pepsi or Miranda.

“Dare” Pong

Finding new ways to tease and poke at celebrities during major events is something that every brand and agency tries to do. Fans at home are always curious to see celebrities let themselves loose to laugh and tell more about their juicy lives.

This year, Pepsi, with the help of video creators Tayarah, decided to play a little game with visiting celebrities.

Partnering with Tayarah, the brand came out with “laugh and play and ping pong,” a simple yet fun gaming session with celebrities. Tayarah’s PG version of the international “Beer Pong” game lets fan-favorite celebrities get dared and asked to tell truths about themselves.

The game featured Gamila Awad, Tamer Habib, Youssra, Arwa Gouda, singer Abu, Shady Alfons and Khaled Mansour.

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PepsiCo is doing a great job during their first time at the El Gouna Film Festival as official sponsors, and we’re excited to see if they’ll be coming back next year with even more fresh ideas and content.

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