Checklist of Essential Things To Review Before Accepting a Job Offer

We spend a lot of time sending our resume to many companies and we wait for days and weeks for their response. After going to many interviews, we sometimes find a couple of companies sent a job offer.

Which one are you going to accept? The one with a high salary? Or the one next to your house?

Receiving a job offer could be confusing, especially if you received two; you don’t know which one to accept and what your acceptance will be based on.

You need to be sure 100% that this offer is what you want and this company is going to help you grow.

We have for you 8 things to consider before accepting a job offer to make things easier for you.


1- Read the Offer? It’s Time to Evaluate It

After reading the job offer and knowing all the details, you should start evaluating every section. Start from your job description and if it’s worth the salary, evaluate their terms and conditions regarding the resignation and the notice period.

You have to be aware of the hiring process and the promotion process and if they both are suitable for you. Also, evaluate the salary and the benefits.

Ask the company about the duration of accepting the offer and take this time to evaluate it.


2- Benefits’ Evaluation

What will the company give you? You have to think about the benefits. Start by your health insurance if it’s offering you one, your vacation, and your overtime.

You have to know all the details and if you felt a bit lost, it is ok to call and ask; you can’t accept the offer without knowing all of the job offer’s details


3- What If You Have Two Job Offers?

We all went through this situation; don’t just focus on the salary, there are much more important things.

Make a list of the pros and cons of both offers; which one gives you better benefits and which one will help you in your career.

Compare the two interviews you had, you will probably find one you felt more comfortable in.

The last step is checking the salary and if it’s suitable or not.


4- The Company’s System

Review the company’s system and rules, ask about the working hours and the days off; you might find their offer irresistible but the system is a mess!

Some companies don’t even have a system, which makes working for them stressful, you won’t be able to handle it even if you get paid a lot of money. This is why you have to make sure that your company has a system and their workflow is going smoothly.


5- Study The Company’s Culture

Many companies can send job offers that no one can say no to; but here comes the trick, the company’s culture is one of the main reasons that someone could turn down an offer.

Ask about the company’s vision and values; how they treat each other and what language they use. You can be accepted in a company but when you ask about it, you will find out that it has a bad reputation.

Culture is important so you can know whether you will fit in or not.


6- How Much You Will Get Paid

The offered Salary is one of the things that you should review; after all, this is what you will be getting for all the work you will be doing.

If you don’t know how to evaluate the salary, we’ll tell you.

First, you have to think about your experience, is your experience worth this amount of money?

Second, how much you will spend on transportation and if it consumes a large amount

Before making a decision, you have to ask if your salary is negotiable.


7- The Commute

Some people turn down many offers due to the commute!  If you live really far from the office, you have to think about the effort you will be doing from waking up early to be there on time and the money you will be spending on transportation.

So, the commute is really important, you have to be aware of all its details.


8- Will You Have a Future in This Company?

Take a moment and think about your career; you want a place to grow and to build your career at, will the company offer this? Will you be promoted if you prove yourself?

Choose a company that can teach you, add up to your skills, allows you to grow, and help you move forward in your career.


In the end, You have to think twice before accepting any offer, consider all the possibilities and all the chances that you will be getting from this job, and then decide.

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