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Cadbury’s New Positioning Makes Being Good Less of a Challenge

While the world continues to grow into a hard and cold place, it can be easy to forget how effortless a simple gesture can change a day. Both our own and others’.

As part of a global repositioning, Cadbury Dairy Milk Egypt has launched a new campaign for their new brand evolution, moving from their “Joy” platform to “Goodness and Generosity.”

The brand’s newest campaign merges their new focus while leaving a reminder of their old Joy platform by asking people to give little acts of kindness, be good and feel the joy of making someone’s day.

A Scavenger Hunt for Good Deeds

The campaign kick starts with Cadbury Dairy Milk challenging Noha Elsherbiny on April 26th and sending her a box of chocolates including a set of cards to inspire her to find goodness and share it with the world. She accepted their challenge and went on the hunt for goodness, but before that, she challenged Zap Tharwat to find the goodness in him as well.

The challenge spread across social media, bringing in names such as Sherine Hamdy, Nour Aboul Ela, and Berna Ibrahim.


The new global repositioning, which was announced in 2018, is based on the founding principles of the brand and its founder, philanthropist John Cadbury, by showing moments of “goodness and generosity.”

Marketing Goodness Still Sells

We all know that part of marketing, besides selling products and services, has always been to provide a solution for something missing in our lives, even if we don’t notice the void. In this case, Cadbury Dairy Milk is aiming to push forward something that is missing in many lives, a touch of goodness, kindness and hope.

Through their campaign, we can be reminded that marketing and brands can still make positive changes in people’s lives through good deeds. Random acts of “goodness” by random strangers, big or small, bring smiles to faces and fuels hearts, and the sense of comfort and community gained from it can be leveraged by brands.

Brands can, and should, still tie in their brands with a main psychological pillar or human trigger such as generosity, happiness, love, the unknown, or an emotional story. The emotions that become associated with the brand and its products over time still sell, even in a world full of loud advertising.

How do you feel about the campaign? Willing to lend a hand? Don’t forget to use [#الحلو_جواك] and share it in the comments.

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