Ahmed Gaber to break the record for the world's biggest clean-up dive in Hurgahda, Egypt

Ahmed Gaber planing to make history again after smashing the Guinness World Record for the deepest scuba dive on open circuit last September 2014 when he consumed 92 air tanks in thirteen hours on his journey 332m down off the coast of Dahab.

The Egyptian diver started a crowd-funding campaign recently for a new Guinness Record World’s in biggest underwater clean-up in mankind history, the Guinness World Record holding diver is collecting donations to help fund the world’s biggest clean-up dive off the coast Hurghada.

Ahmed Gabr and his Guinness Dive World Record tee-shirt
Ahmed Gabr and his Guinness Dive World Record t-shirt

From the 4th to the 6th June 2015. Planned to get 400+ Divers in the water over 24 Hours, to keep the Red Sea Clean. Donations are Great, you can also be apart of it.  Guinness have officially accpeted this event. This crowdfunder will help make this record happen.

For more information: Visit the project’s crowdfunding campaign 

5% of the total amount raised will be donated to a nature conservation group, in order to carry on the cleaning of the the Red Sea. Aspiring participants, who can sign up through Ahmed Gabr’s website, will receive an “Officially Amazing Certificate” on completion of the challenge.

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