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How VoIP Systems Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have grown immensely over the last few years with the addition of premium features for business. The question to ask is, do you know how these added features can improve your business marketing strategy? If no, read on.

VoIP systems are increasingly becoming a top choice for many businesses, both online and offline businesses around the world. Despite all its insanely improved features, most uninformed businesses don’t realize what they’re missing out. These businesses think that VoIP is just restricted to being a phone calling system, when in fact it can serve as an all-inclusive business communication tool. Pioneers such as RingCentral and Vonage have been leading the way for VoIP since it’s early inception, but over the years, alternative VoIP phone providers boasting innovative features are challenging them for the top spot.

Best Ways VoIP Systems Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The feature-packed VoIP systems are designed to enhance your company marketing strategies that increase leads, sales and management. In this brief article, we will cover the critical elements of VoIP phones as they relate to business marketing in particular. Below are the ways a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software can boost your marketing strategy:

  • Enhance Your Presence
  • Improve and Increase Conversation
  • Geographical Number Targeting
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction
  • Tracking Your Website Visitors
  • Tracking Your Business Advertisements
  • Toll-Free Numbers

Enhance Your Presence

Communication and trust are vital for every business, no matter the size of the business. VoIP systems come with an excellent feature known as “call hunting.” This feature ensures that daily business communications with customers and even staff are not affected if you’re out of the office or out of your country.

If you’re using a VoIP phone service and a customer calls for inquiry or whatever reason, you eliminate the fear of missing out on that call. You can route your calls to any device anywhere as long as it has an internet connection.

VoIP phone systems’ call routing ability ensures that you can transfer any call to any number, like a relevant department, or join a meeting while on the go. This ensures that a potential customer doesn’t leave unsatisfied or meetings missed.

Improve and Increase Conversation

Even very small businesses know that communication is key to running a successful business. Many companies and businesses think that getting leads and reaching out to these leads is only through online channels. Previously, businesses thought that just creating an email and sending out to clients has better reach and conversion than speaking on the phone with one client.

However, a direct phone call can increase your odds of converting a sale or resolving a complicated issue for your client since many prefer speaking to a live person over the phone over email.

Not to mention there are many times when a phone call is better than email, as it’s more effective and it also improves customer experience since most still prefer to speak to a live person over the phone. A VoIP software requires no special equipment to run, and it ensures you make calls without a border barrier and at a lower cost. This benefit will mean you keep your client engaged and impressed with your services.

Geographical Number Targeting

Many VoIP phone systems give you the freedom to choose a number from any geographical location you desire. This feature ensures that your business is not limited to geographical barriers, and you can virtually expand your business area. By having a local business number, you’ll be more appealing to new clients from your chosen number locality.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

The patience levels of customers are getting smaller by the day. People now need services or information very fast without being transferred to other departments or wait on hold to receive answers to their queries.

Cloud calling systems offer advanced features that enhance customer satisfaction, like call handling, queue management, customer greeting messages, automatic attendance, and many more features. By implementing these for your business, you’re ensuring that your client gets access to quick information or will reach the right agent they need.

Tracking Your Website Visitors

This feature of VoIP systems works similarly to advertisement tracking, which will is explained below. Your customer journey or navigation on your platform will be tracked and analyzed. This ensures you understand what pages get more clicks, views, etc. This will help you make an informed decision on which page to place your contact phone numbers.

Tracking Your Business Advertisements

Cloud-based phone systems or a VoIP offer you the ability to use various phone numbers for your business. We mentioned above how it can attract local customers to your business, but did you know how else it can benefit your business?

When you put different numbers on individual local ads, you’ll see which number works best for you; that is, the number receiving more calls and sales conversion. This feature is an added advantage to understand the correlation between your adverts and sales.

Toll-Free Numbers

Also called “free of charge” numbers, this type of online phone system offers various numbers at an affordable rate. This will enable your customers to reach your business without long-distance charges being a barrier. Offering this feature to your customers would increase your business reputation and enhance your customer satisfaction and confidence that will surely lead to more sales.

Final Words

The world is changing quickly, and your business needs to adapt to these changes to stay long in business and progress. Many top businesses have become underdogs because they neglected trends that convert leads into customers.

Having a VoIP system is one move in the 21st century that would ensure you stay up in the marketing game and get your desired customers, which equals sales. Did this content serve its purpose of enlightening you? We will be glad to have your thoughts in the comment section.

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