Omar Amin

Stemming from a need to monetize his passion for rhetoric and writing, Omar Amin is on a journey to find the perfect balance between data and gut feelings in the chaotic world of marketing.
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Nike’s Footballverse 2022 World Cup Ad is a Masterclass in Marketing

Nike FC has released its latest ad for the 2022 FIFA World…

Omar Amin By Omar Amin

Interview: The Big C Vote Invites Customers to Help Create Their Shopping Mall Experience

How do you ensure your shopping malls meet your customers' expectations? Just…

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From the Innovation Diagram to Creative Strategy: 5 Key Takeaways From C—S’s First Annual Festival

The Creative Industry Summit's Annual Festival 2022—under the theme "Let's Talk Creative…

Omar Amin By Omar Amin

Banque Misr Case Study: Six Years of The Most Inspirational Ramadan Campaigns

For six Ramadans in a row, Banque Misr‘s campaigns—some of which won prestigious awards—were…

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