Think Marketing Authors

We are always looking unique marketing stories and inspiring experiences. If you have one, Feel free to share your passion for marketing with us.

  • Abdelrahman Yassin

    Chief Architect of ‘World Changing Work’ Platform; A unique approach to do communications that drive ‘real impact’ and influence ‘true action’ towards a better and more sustainable future for all; inspiring our people and building great brands!
  • Ahmed Abd El Fatah

    Co-Founder & CEO at ENTLAQA
  • Ahmed Biomy

    Award Winning Designer and a creative concept maker, specialized and Graduated from Applied Arts design & advertising studies, My design concepts are self created & illustrated Guaranteed, No Templates or copycat. international design specs is a base as I've learned.
  • Ahmed Emad

    Since graduating with a Marketing degree from the American University in Cairo, Ahmed assumed different roles in the advertising sphere; swinging from creative to media agencies, offline to online media planning and now at the client side.
  • Ahmed Reda

    Experienced Director Corporate Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Crisis Communications, Journalism, International Relations, and Corporate Communications.
  • Ahmed Samy

    15 years’ experience in digital marketing, Ahmed has been managing digitalization of healthcare communication projects in Switzerland, India and Mexico. Managed the launch of tens of websites, mobile apps, Google ads campaign as well as social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in Egypt, GCC, South Africa and Australia. Samy has been gaining insights, expertise and competency on how to determine clients' key objectives, choose the optimum strategy and tactics to achieve those objectives !
  • Amgad Kaldas

    Ark Development CEO, Technology Expert and an Outsourcing Entrepreneur. General Manager from an IT background. I have direct experience in Outsourcing, CMMI, IT project Management, Strategic management, Open Source Development for the non-for-profit sector & Developing Process Management Web based applications.
  • Ahmed Rashad

    Ahmed Rashad is a Business Development and brand strategy consultant. Ahmed focuses on helping fast growing Innovative organizations and their leaders grow their business, increase sales and build loyal following online and offline by developing their branding and marketing capabilities. Ahmed has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, online businesses and Specialty chemicals companies United states , Japan and the Middle East. Ahmed is also cofounds of men’s self development site and Arabic content page for business topics , books summaries and Vlogs on Facebook and youtube @businessbilarabic.
  • Ayman Saad

    A highly motivated B2B marketing professional with a passion for all things around sales, localization, business development, technology and UX. Currently heading the marketing department for Future Group Translation and its subsidiaries around the globe with more than 6 offices span all over the world.
  • Christine Salzmann

    Christine Salzmann is a content strategist specialized in creating content based on digital insights. Currently the Head of Content at MENA’s most liked marketing community and magazine, Think Marketing Magazine, she uses her marketing knowledge to educate and update marketers in the region.
  • Christopher M. Schroeder

    Venture Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, advisor and investor in interactive technologies and social communications. He is author of the recent best seller, and first book on startups in the Arab World, Startup Rising — The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East — with a forward by Marc Andreessen. He is speaking at the RiseUp Summit 2015 on Dec 12th on What Happened since Chris Schroeder wrote his Book and will also be on a key panel on Investment in the MENA Region.
  • Dalia Ziada

    Egyptian human rights activist and founding director of The Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt, a youth-led think tank advocating human rights and civil liberties as the basis for democratization.
  • Dina Marzban

    Experienced Research Analyst with proven track record in executing and delivering insightful recommendations and analysis for clients across a range of industries.
  • Ehab Gamal

    Product Placement inside Ramadan TV Series, Movies, Music and TV shows. Branded Content Specialist
  • Eyad Nour

    Serial Entrepreneur & Obsessive–compulsive marketer from Egypt. I work at the crossroads of Technology and Marketing because these are the things I'm passionate about. It's not just what I do for a living - It's what I do for fun!
  • Farah Souhail

    Farah is a digital marketer at Meltwater who is passionate about all things related to social media, PR and marketing. Speaking 3 languages, she loves observing the impact of marketing on society and takes a special interest in the social media landscape in the Middle East & North Africa. As a foodie, Farah enjoys baking and one of her ambitions is to master the art of cupcake making.
  • Gehad Hussein

    Experienced business and economic content manager and creator with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry. Skilled in Journalism, Editing, Writing, Translation, English, German, and Arabic. Instructor of Mass Communication and strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master's degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.
  • Habiba Waly

    Habiba is a Junior at the American University in Cairo, and the first student to attend the Roger Hatchuel Academy from Egypt. She is an avid Friends fan, who has joined several MUN conferences as a delegate, secretariat and was a member of the organizing committees.
  • Hani Elias

    Managing Director at Egyptian Council for Training & Development. Hani earned his Doctor of Business Administration from the same business school "the Scandinavian Business School" accredited by ASIC UK.
  • Hatem Ayoub

    Regional Marketing Manager MENA - Digital Marketing and Online Advertising expert. I am an MBA holder with over 10 years of professional work experience, also a frequent speaker, trainer and advisor/consultant.
  • Hayk Hakobyan

    Specialized in business development and innovation (strategy, marketing, branding, customer development).
  • Hesham Abdelmohsen

    I am an experienced and successful visionary leader, Marketing, Sales & Business Development Executive who for over 18 years has worked for some of the World’s leading multi-national companies. I have a successful track record as both a manager of teams and as an individual contributor. I am passionate about my work and see myself as a partner to the organisation in guiding and reporting on the performance in order to drive business growth.
  • Hesham Shata

    Enthusiastic young man who is Passionate about the power of Digital Marketing and always hungry to grow my expertise. With excellent Digital Marketing, project management and relationship building. Non-traditional 24X7 Strategic Thinker | Analyzer | Informative | Ideas Igniter | e-Strategist.
  • Hisham Darwish

    Holding a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Marketing from Hariri Canadian University – Lebanon. Endowed, with a verified record of deeds in planning and leading marketing strategies for the past 13 years. Established success driving growth in targeted markets in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Dubai, Syria, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, United States and United Kingdom.
  • Hossam Rashad

    Rashad is a professional marketer with more than 9 years of overall experience and 6 years of management experience in the domain of education management and marketing. With more than six years experience in Education Management and Marketing, Rashad got an extensive proven expertise in International and Regional Business Development, Marketing & Management in the fields of education, training, digital marketing, technology and human capital development. Graduate of joint degree program between middlesex university and the 6 of October university for Science and Arts with a degree of management and information system as well as holding an MBA degree from Paris ESLSCA Business School specialized in marketing
  • Jasmine Aladdin

    Digital Media Manager, manage different teams that are geared towards digital media content creation, development and production. I make noise and increase your share of voice on the internet sphere, a game I love to play.
  • Lamia Kamel

    Lamia is one of the pioneers in Political Communication in Egypt. She has been involved as a communications strategist in many of the most highly visible campaigns in Egypt.
  • Lianna Arakelyan

    Lianna is a digital marketing junkie to the extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation at She is extreme in her work, with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing news of the world.
  • Lina Abou El Azm

    Lina is a Consumer Good Professional with 7 years of experience in the different fields of Marketing and Sales. Between Dubai and Cairo she had spent all her career life. Reading people minds and analyzing trends for a living.With great passion and love brands, people and how each of them shape/affect one another.
  • Manal Negmeldin

    Manal is a subject matter expert at E-Business. She started E-Business Career since 2003. She is working at her family Business for 17 years now, a company of 27K employees started by her grandfather 54 years ago. She is managing a team of 500 people at Elaraby. She established the E-business department at Elaraby 15 years ago.
  • May Taher

    A marketing and communication professional with 17 years of experience and a proven track record in brand management, marketing, public relations, event management and creative writing. I am a results oriented individual with a keen focus on maintaining quality standards.
  • Melina Politi

    Social Media Manager at Tribal Worldwide Athens
  • Michael Marshall

    Michael has over 30 years of business experience to senior leadership levels in many markets and industries, national and global, with responsibilities in sales management, marketing and business development along with a PhD in business before teaching internationally at university level (China, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia). Michael continually seeks out knowledge with additional education, trainings, research and experience to keep on the leading edge of business effectiveness and business development. He has over 33 international publishing’s on many business and business development subjects.
  • Michael Leander

    Michael Leander is an award-winning speaker, trainer and consultant in all things marketing. Originally from Denmark, Michael has spoken at conferences and seminars all over the globe sharing his knowledge of marketing and innovation, in which he has 20 years worth of accomplished experience.
  • Mike Abelson

    Mike Abelson has been the head of the Digital Marketing Department at Lendza for almost 3 years. Before starting his work at Lendza, he helped a lot of entrepreneurs and startups to succeed through various marketing strategies and tactics. Previously, he partnered with CEOs and executives to grow their businesses, building an audience and getting more clients.
  • Milica Kostic

    Milica is a business enthusiast and content specialist who takes joy in writing about marketing, cybersecurity, tech, finance, health. Her publications can be seen all over the web: Think Marketing, Eventbrite, Gulf News, Host Review, CCM to name a few. Her knowledge came from many years of B2B communication-based roles with 4 years of guiding world-known brands toward award-winning customer experience initiatives. She is also an advocate for vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal, and human rights with a degree in Sociology.
  • Moataz Akram

    AUCian marketing graduate, tactical thinker with a passion to research and strong will to do things right. A Marketing Fanatic!
  • Mohamed Abo El Fotouh

    Experienced Digital Marketing & Communications Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. Strong track record working in the fields of Consumer Communications, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce.
  • Nadine Abou El Atta

    A storyteller by hobby and an editor by trade. I spent the past decade crafting editorial strategies to streamline newsrooms, develop social presence, enhance brand positions, and most importantly unify the content direction with business needs.
  • Nelly Murad

    Being dedicated to being a professional digital content creator, Nelly is currently working with EmailOversight as Communications Manager. Being a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, her talent for managing digital content is impeccable. No one could describe the services any better than she does. She can look at a service and jot away her thoughts as though she and the service have known each other for a long time.
  • Nielsen Egypt

    We study consumers in more than 100 countries to give you the most complete view of trends and habits worldwide. And we're constantly evolving, not only in terms of where we measure, or who we measure, but in how our insights can help you drive profitable growth.
  • Noha Kotb

    Noha Kotb is a social marketing research geek, admires Egypt and its culture, holds masters degree in Cultural heritage management from L’IREST-Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, fond of analysis and IT smart solutions, also an ambitious archaeologist and adventurer.
  • Omar Hazzaa

    Omar is an entrepreneur at heart. He is a business consultant with over 10 years of experience under his belt in advertising, marketing communication and sales. His diversified experience and strong business acumen gave him a broad understanding of several business fundamentals.
  • Osama Tamim

    Experienced digital marketer with a demonstrated history of working in 10+ industries. Skilled in digital strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing management.
  • Ram Mohan J Rao

    Market Research & Consulting Ex- Managing Director, Nielsen Egypt
  • Rodney Laws

    Rodney Laws is an ecommerce expert with over a decade of experience in building online businesses. Check out his reviews on and you’ll find practical tips that you can use to build the best online store for your business.
  • Salah El Din Aloui

    Salah El Din Aloui is the Public Relations Director at Think Commz as he is responsible in managing and supervising the public relations operations in the firm. Before joining Think Marketing as Board Member and PR Director, Aloui was the General Manager at one of the communications and PR agencies where he was responsible for fully managing and supervising Egypt’s office, its accounts and the overall business.
  • Salma Wahby

    A marketing graduate who first set foot in the creative industry at 17, Salma is on a mission to narrate the stories behind some of the most iconic businesses and individuals in the MENA region's marketing landscape.
  • Samer Eltellawi

    Working in the digital advertising since 2010 with a well established and strong knowledge in the digital advertising and a stronger will to keep on exploring the digital advertising universe, creative ideation and art.Brands Managed: Vodafone Egypt, PepsiCo, Ricket Benckiser & Dabur
  • Samer Costantini

    Samer Costantini is a moderator in the “Let’s Talk” Crisis Communications Forum taking place in Dubai during March 2017. He is communication adviser with two decades of experience in corporate communications and public affairs. He served various governmental, international and multinational organizations on global assignments
  • Sara Shabana

    Head of Brand Communications at Amazon MENA - Brand communications | Community Building & Engagement | Brand Experience | Content Marketing | Omni Channel & Customer Experience | Digital Research | Speaker
  • Sarah Fouad

    Solid experience in multinational healthcare marketing dealing with multinational pharmaceutical companies in the AfME region (Africa, and the middle east) especially Egypt and Gulf. Proudly leading me to believe that preparation and understanding are the critical success factors in the development course of any career.
  • Sarah El Halous

    The journey began when I was 17 years old and joined Art Faculty , Mass Media Communication department, I decided to get the best from Media studies, and specializing in Journalism.
  • Saten Aghajanyan

    Saten has been working at Dexatel OU as a sales manager for over a year and now she is a part of the newly-formed marketing team representing Dexatel’s recently launched product SendSMS, which provides wholesale SMS services. Currently, she works as a digital marketer and helps develop their brand name while simultaneously giving people full information about mobile marketing, especially SMS marketing.
  • Shadwa Hamza

    Senior Content Creator at Think Marketing Lab
  • Sherif El Hotabiy

    The computer science graduate started his career in a different way than his colleagues. Starting as a news editor in Nile TV International, Sherif made his way up to news anchoring in less than 4 years. His multitasking and bilingual skills made him the only person in the company who worked in PR, Advertising and Creative thinking at the same time.
  • Shymaa Aboamera

    Israeli affairs expert. Holder of Israeli studies Diploma Faculty of Economics & Political Science
  • Tarek Jaffar

    A communication veteran, Tarek Jaffar has bagged 15 years of experience and currently assumes the post of General Manager for OMD Egypt, part of Omnicom Media Group. His passion for comprehending and implementing solutions to constantly bridge connections between the brand and customer has been his driving force across the past decade +. At OMD Egypt, he leads a team of 60+ professionals that offer a set of diversified services; offline and online media planning and buying, social media, creative, performance marketing, and other specialized services.
  • Tarek Lasheen

    Crafting strategies with defined tactics to pursue and achieve the set objectives that exceeded client’s expectations, I have advised C-level executives across the board on business directions from communications perspective to the overall business and stakeholders benefit. With proven track record of meeting ends and objectives with tightest budgets, I have lead teams of professionals into achieving awe-inspiring campaigns mobilizing masses in unison.
  • Umar Achraf

    Former Member of McCann's Global Inspiration Circle and an award-winning social media expert who is responsible for the ongoing management and growth of the brands' online presence. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop social communications plans.
  • Wael Eino

    A self-motivated and driven communications and marketing enthusiast who’s passionate about moving companies and organizations onto the digital space to reach and connect with their consumers in meaningful and innovative ways. I lead diverse teams in providing excellent client servicing and 360 communication strategies that have transformed businesses and allowed them to tap into the vast potential of digital, data, content and social media in unprecedented ways.
  • Waseem El Tanahi

    Waseem El Tanahi is the CEO of Media Republic, a leading digital agency based in Cairo, Egypt. In additional to digital advertising Media Republic also owns a host of digital platforms including the multi-award winning Cairo 360, Cairo Gossip, and Kalam Al Qahira.
  • Yasmine Youssef

    Worked for over 6 years in marketing and social media, where I learned a lot and affected a lot of businesses, industries and millions of fans and followers via various brands' social media strategies and campaigns. Leading and helping social media teams which lead all of us to learn together, grow together and achieve very distinguished results..together! Content creator and brand story telling passionate always pursuing new opportunities to leave distinctive marks on people's minds, hearts, souls and lives!