The Narrative Summit is an ongoing nation branding platform that began in 2016 and continues to bring Egypt’s
stories under one roof.

The summit will be three hours long and will be mainly focused on 10 handpicked speakers

It is the first summit of its kind to take place in Egypt; created by Egyptians for Egyptians inviting both local and
international experts with real case studies and an in-depth understanding of the market provided by the industries’
key experts and opinion leaders.

In 2018, Narrative summit crafted a list of recommendations for the summit to continue to grow and partner with
regional and global spearheads to continuously seeks leadership and growth of the topic of nation branding.
➢ This year the Narrative Summit is joining forces with the Arab League with the aim of implementing the 2030
Sustainable Development Agenda by showcasing the positive forces of cooperation tackling issues of development,
environment, and the quality of human life under this year’s Arab Sustainability Development Week theme of ‘Moving to Action’.