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Zooba, Speaking Value!

To be completely honest I never tried eating at Zooba, i don’t even think I will ever eat there. However, I was intrigued by the social media campaign they posted this week and to be completely honest, I think it is brilliant. But before saying why I think it is brilliant let’s agree on some points:

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• Zooba’s target market is quite niche.
• Products are over priced, yet it still got its market.
• Away from that niche market, Zooba has a lot of negative perceptions connected to the pricing strategy and value for money.
• Assessing this camping objectively requires some understanding of Zooba’s brand which is simply making “Traditional Food” fancy for those who can afford it.

Zooba – Cairo, Egypt
On another note; lets take a moment and look for the objectives behind this campaign:
• They want to sell a new product.
• They want to attract new market segments, meanwhile showing the value of the product compared to it’s costs while comparing it to similar traditional offerings.

Having said that, lets have a look on the execution, Zooba took a very risky execution style by affirming all the negative perceptions in the market and confronting the market segment they want to attract with the value and quality behind it’s brand. Lastly they introduced a current product in different size and stating it is still competitive to any traditional market offering in terms of size and quality and even proposing it is competitive in price hence the size.

I think this was a very wise move from Zooba, they have reflected on the brand position and spoke to both Zooba’s customers and those like me who never tried them and brought forward the value of the products by fighting all sorts if negative market perceptions. The execution intrigued many people to have a go with Zooba!

I believe that Zooba’s execution was pretty clever it spoke to those dragging the brand down and faces them with whom they believe they are, which creates a great emphasis on Zooba’s ultimate branding.

Hossam Rashad

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