Top 5 Most-Watched Ads in MENA – Jan 2014

the Advertising realm, January is almost synonymous with the Super Bowl season. Regardless of the relatively low Super Bowl viewership in the MENA region compared to that of North America, individuals in the region are actively searching for and sharing Super Bowl ads. Volkswagen’s “Wings” spot,  highlighting the brand’s dedication to quality in a humorous tone, was among the top Super Bowl commercials. Oikos Yogurt’s “The Spill” strums the heartstrings of the 90’s generation with the sequel to their 2013 Super Bowl spot, also featuring John Stamos.

The MENA region contributed to the advertising scene this month, for instance, Ithra Knowledge’s introductory video was posted to promote their uplifting message of inspiring and educating their audience. Land Rover’s latest spot was in the form of a short documentary titled “The Empty Quarter Driven Challenge” featuring a renowned Dakar Rally racer’s triumph over the Empty Quarter with the help of Range Rover Sport. In an effort to encourage two-way interaction between consumers and senior management, du launched its “#letstalk” video featuring their CEO, Osman Sultan, who invited viewers to partake during their upcoming live broadcast sessions.

The Results:

Brand/Country: Land Rover
Creative Agency: Wunderman
Viewership: 335,706


Brand/Country: Du
Creative Agency: JWT
Viewership: 24,017


Brand/Country: Ithra Knowledge
Creative Agency: Red impact, Saudi Arabia
Viewership: 382,508


Brand/Country: Oikos Yogurt
Creative Agency: Poptent, Y&R, Vinizius
Viewership: 6,849,123


Brand/Country: Volkswagen
Creative Agency: Argonaut
Viewership: 17,376,736

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard charts the ads people chose to watch this year (determined quantitatively via paid-to-organic view ratio and audience retention), not necessarily the “most watched” ads on YT. As such, these ads won’t be the ones with the highest view counts, but those that engaged their audience by using savvy promotion to ignite organic pass-along

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