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YouTube Rewind: 2016 Most Viral Videos

YouTube Rewind 2016 celebrates the best from the year quickly going by. All the videos that topped trending lists, challenges that had social media hooked, people who made you watch them, in short everything that you made viral comes together in one amazing video. A little time capsule, if you will. The annual offering helps you take a ride down the year’s memory lane.

Throwback ➤ YouTube Rewind 2015 highlights

Each year hundreds of creators, trends, and memes collide in a video celebration of the year’s culturally defining moments. This years video packs in more references than ever before, how many of them do you know?

YouTube 2016 mashup starts off with references to The Rock starting up his own channel, quick cameos from popular apps like Pokémon Go, and dozens of YouTubers referencing some of their most popular videos from the year.

Shot in 18 countries, this year’s video features bold-faced names like Dan & Phil, Casey Neistat, GloZell, Grace Helbig, HolaSoyGerman, Lilly Singh, Markiplier, PewDiePie, PrankvsPrank, and Swoozie. Traditional celebrities appearing include James Corden, Trevor Noah, The Rock, Nicky Jam, The Chainsmokers, Seth Meyers, Charlamagne Da God, and English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa.

YouTube Rewind 2016 has been featured on the Google homepage. Or watch it below:


Why is YouTube Rewind 2016 trending?

Every year, the Google-owned YouTube releases its list of the year’s top trending and viral videos. The annual offering is now something everyone online waits for. This year’s video too packs quite a punch in its almost seven minutes with many blink and miss clips. Since being shared some 14 hours before writing this, the video has already amassed over 16 million views on YouTube.

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