Your Employees Need Your Appreciation: Here’s How To Show Them

Have you ever wondered what makes employees happy and motivated?

Your employees’ happiness and motivation depend on many factors; the most important one is appreciation. Appreciation is the best way to encourage employees to do their best. When you appreciate your employees, you can be sure that you will notice better performance and increased productivity.

Some managers think that when they appreciate what their employees are doing, they will be increasing their ego; this is absolutely wrong! Appreciation means you value your employees and their role in the company and you don’t have to show it on occasions, you can do it anytime.

Appreciation comes in many forms; so, if you’re a manager and looking for ways to show your employees appreciation, here are 6 ways to follow.


1- Recognize Their Achievements

When they succeed in something, point it out.

There’s nothing wrong with telling your employees they did a good job. As a manager, you’re always monitoring your employees’ performance, productivity, and tasks, while monitoring you will be able to tell who’s getting better and who’s not.

Employees who always improve and work hard deserve your recognition. When you point out their achievements, it will put them at ease as they will know they’re on the right track of their career and it will make them improve even more.



2- Appreciate and Encourage Them In Public

When you show appreciation in public, it will boost their morale.

Celebrate their success with their colleagues; this is an energy booster. Every employee needs to know that they’re achieving something.

There’s something that not all managers know; employees are always proud when they succeed and they always want everyone to know their achievements. So, when you praise them and give them the appreciation they deserve, they will feel a sense of pride and achievement.


3- Offer Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the best ways to reduce your employees’ stress.

Offering flexibility to your employees will encourage them to work because you will be giving them the chance to achieve balance. You can ask your employees if they want to work remotely or you can offer them a day off or to come late when they exceed their working hours.

In fact, a flexible work schedule is every employee’s wish! It also shows them that you trust them with their tasks and that they’re capable of doing their work anywhere.



4- Meet Their Needs

Meeting your employees’ needs means you appreciate and care about them.

When you meet your employees’ needs, especially their needs to develop and improve means you’re investing in them. Remember, every good thing you do for your team will be remembered and you will see it in the final result of their work.

Also, meeting their non-work-related needs will boost their morale, which will impact their performance and productivity.


5- Offer A Bonus Reward

A bonus is also an encouragement for your employees to always achieve more success.

Your employees are the main pillar of the company’s success, so a bonus reward is one of the best ways to show them how thankful you are for their performance. In fact, many companies depend on this method when an employee wins a pitch or completes a project that impacted the company positively.


6- Say Thank You

A simple thank you can put your employees on cloud 7.

After finishing a project or a task, you should praise your team if they did a good job. This will motivate them to work even harder the next time. Each and every employee wants to constantly feel that they are on the right track. So, praising them will make them feel that they are achieving their goals.


Appreciation is the key to winning your employees over and gaining their loyalty.

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