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Didn’t Like Egypt’s National Football Team’s Plane Design? Look At These Options!

Last week, Chairman of the Egyptian Football Association (FA) unveiled the national team’s personal plane that will take them to Russia later this summer. The plane, which was designed and created by advertising agency Presentation and EgyptAir, is facing criticism by the design community.

Since the airplanes official release, designers have been disappointed with its look. With this being Egypt’s return to the FIFA World Cup after 28 years, and this being the first time for the team to have its own plane, the team should be arriving in style.

Yet, many designers have been stating their obvious dislike for the current design.


Some have stated that the national team, and its plane, represent Egypt as a country, and should embody its culture or history.

Another stated that the plane was a great opportunity for any designer, but the state of the design reflects a deteriorating cultural and artistic environment.

Reacting to the community’s dislike, designer Tarek Abdullah recently proposed a new plane design, and has asked other designers to submit their own designs for the national plane.


Under the hashtag #صمم_طيارة_منتخبك (Design your own national team airplane), people have banded together against the current design.

Some designers have jumped on the opportunity to showcase their own designs for the national team plane, with some adding their own touch to the team’s uniforms as well.


هل شكل الطائرة و الزي الرسمي لمنتخب مصر شيء نتخطاه بهذه السهولة ؟إن هوية المنتخب المصري و منها شكل تصميمات الطائرة و…

Posted by Endorphins Art Labs on Sunday, March 25, 2018

أنا بس حبيت أحط التاتش بتاعي وأظيت مع التريند <3لو مش حلوه ماتقولش#صمم_طيارة_منتخبك#ُEgypt_airplane_branding

Posted by Ahmed ElAlem on Monday, March 26, 2018

بناء علي طلب الجميع الاصدار الثاني بعد التعديل#صمم_طيارة_منتخبك

Posted by Mohammed Al Dabeh on Monday, March 26, 2018

تصميم تخيلي لطيارة المنتخب في كاس العالم 🇪🇬💪✌#صمم_طيارة_منتخبك لجودة اعلي :

Posted by Ahmed Hassan on Sunday, March 25, 2018


With the World Cup rapidly approaching, and all of these great designs being poured out by the local design community, the question is whether the FA would actually consider the change.

What do you think? Don’t forget to let us know which new design are you rooting for in the comments!

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