World Cup 2018: KFC advert go viral after Neymar’s injury spectacle

Brazilian superstar Neymar may have helped his team beat Mexico to advance in the World Cup but he didn’t seem to win any new fans.

Fast food giant KFC “South African branch” have made a funny advert published on 15 June but it went viral after the social media meme storm to poke fun at the Brazilian footballer for his exaggerated roll along the ground after a foul.

Of course, KFC advert seems like shaming Neymar’s injury which helped the campaign to go viral on social media. Now everyone can easily guess the name of the player now. Thanks Neymar!

As football fans criticized the football star for his clowning behavior during Brazil’s World Cup win. KFC accidentally engaged the digital media craze of mocking Neymar for his exaggerated rolls along the ground.

Neymar’s injury show began trending on social media for the injury scene on 2nd of July as the Brazilian star keeps on rolling and rolling in hilarious World Cup meme..

KFC should, at least, pay royalties to Neymar?

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