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Working By The Sea: How Smart Village Takes Work-Life Balance to The Next Level

People have always been striving to achieve work-life balance; some believe it’s a myth while others try hard to achieve it. Also, due to the policies of some companies, it is hard to balance between your work and your life!

Smart Village believes the opposite!

Since COVID-19 has forced companies to adjust their work system to the current situation, Smart Village brought the best out of this change and presented an amazing solution to help employees across Egypt achieve their dream of a balanced work-life, especially during the summer.


Creative Solutions To Achieve Balance

Working remotely has become possible and the thought of working from anywhere has made people take their work with them to many places, but never the beach. Until this summer!

Smart Village has created the very first co-working space in Egypt that is right on the beach. The co-working space was located at Diplo, Sidi Abdelrahman, North Coast and it overlooked a beautiful view.

With this creative solution, Smart Village has helped many employees realize that work-life balance is not a dream and with the right minds and tools, it can be achieved.


Working By The Beach = Balanced and Happy

Smart Village has combined the best of both worlds, achieving success and being stress-free.

The business park has given people everything they need to work and be productive. The co-working space provided a one-of-a-kind experience as it is fully equipped and had Hot Desks – allowing harmonious collaboration. A meeting room that allows you to conduct your conference with a view of the beach. In addition to that, a fully equipped zoom meeting room, allowing you to have a quick meeting call in a quiet atmosphere. All of that, while you are in enjoying the comfort of the air conditioner.

So, no matter what type of work you wanted to do, you could do it from there.

Smart Village has created a new and healthy work environment that will boost people’s energy and morale, therefore, employees will have the perfect opportunity to focus on their work, be productive, and at the same time have fun and relax.


The First In Egypt With Creative Solutions

Smart Village is renowned for its visionary outlook towards the future, always paving the way for business success and economic development.

Smart village didn’t just create the first co-working space by the beach but it is also the very first business park in Egypt. It hosts multinational & local companies, along with governmental institutions, all operating in synergy. Now Smart village is expanding its horizons and is building a fully integrated work environment focused on maximizing productivity in the workforce for SMEs and Startups.


We can frankly say that Smart Village knew exactly how to give people the right factors to help them feel balanced.

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