Women VS Patriarchy: Challenges They Face In Workplaces And How They’re Overcoming Them

On this special day and since the whole world is celebrating women, we decided to take this opportunity and dedicate this article to the ongoing fight that women have been going through in workplaces as they are constantly being exposed to patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

Until this very day and as much as it seems that women have achieved equality, they still haven’t; in fact, some women are still struggling in workplaces because of their gender but some of them are overcoming and beating those challenges.

So, since today is International Women’s Day, we will take some time to showcase the challenges women face in workplaces and how they are trying to beat patriarchy and toxic masculinity in these work environments.


Women Are Thought To Be Taking Men’s Jobs

Until this very day, men think that women who work aren’t doing anything but taking men’s chances of having a job.

In many workplaces, some men think that women don’t have the right to be working in the company as a man can do a better job than a woman! In fact, based on a true story, a woman had posted on social media before that some of her colleagues were discussing this matter and their opinions were that some men would actually find jobs if women stopped working!

So, some women are actually being told this in their faces in many workplaces! What people don’t know is that this goes under the description of being a ‘Sexist’


Some Workplaces Refuse To Hire Married Women

Married women or even engaged, sometimes find it difficult to have a job!

Some workplaces like banks refuse to hire women because they’re married, if you’re asking ‘why’ we’ll tell you. These places want to hire employees who won’t be asking for a long vacation, they want employees who will be there most of the time to achieve the target or to cover the business needs.

Another true story, a woman was rejected from a vacancy in a bank because she was married and with a kid! The reason for rejection was that she is married and might have another kid! As a matter of fact, she was asked if she has plans for a second kid and what she will be doing if she got pregnant while working!

Even though her answers were that she is able to manage, they still rejected her!


Some Tasks Can’t Be Done By Women

Some men believe that certain jobs are made only for men!

This is one of the ongoing issues till today even though women are able to do anything, men still think that ‘Women belong to the kitchen’. We have previously discussed this topic in an article that whenever a woman tries to state an opinion regarding something, she is met with rejection or mockery!

For example, many women shared that if they’re interested in football, it is always met with mockery from men and they’re accused of lying! It reaches a point where actually men try to test these women’s knowledge of football!

Also, Some men are entitled to this opinion to an extent that they can’t comprehend that a woman can be a manager and they refuse to take orders from a woman! Crazy, right?

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Some Women Face All Types of Harassments and Toxic Masculinity in Workplaces

Harassment is a very serious problem that all women face, and it varies from verbal, sexual, to even bullying!

If we were to do a survey to ask women were they ever harassed in a workplace, you’d be surprised by the results! It has been years since women face harassment and no matter how many times women have complained, it is still going!

So, imagine trying to have a successful career while being exposed to harassment whenever and wherever.


How Women Are Overcoming These Challenges

Women now are more aware of their rights!

It took years to spread this concept that women are as equal as men and have the same rights of having a career and a successful life. From this point, women started to stand in the face of gender bias, sexism, and harassment.

Women now speak bluntly of how they are mistreated in workplaces either by their managers or male colleagues.

The idea of women being aware of what they deserve is the main factor why they are successful and why they beat patriarchal workplaces and toxic masculinity.

Women play a vital role in encouraging each other to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.



Why We Should Celebrate Women In Workplaces and How

Women have a vital role in every workplace; in fact, if you thought about it deeply, you’d find that certain things can be done by none other than women.

Every entity should celebrate its female employees every day not just on International Women’s Day. This celebration can be done in many ways, it can be done through encouragement, appreciation, providing solutions to their problems, and meeting their needs.

Spreading the equality culture and avoiding toxic masculinity in workplaces are some of the major things that every company should do.

Women should be celebrated every day not just for one day!

To conclude this article, Happy Women’s Day to every single woman and girl out there. You’re doing an extraordinary job and you should be proud of it.

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