Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Appoints Egypt Country Ambassadors

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), the world’s largest entrepreneurial and financial empowerment initiative, recently appointed country ambassadors to oversee and coordinate activities in over 144 countries worldwide, supporting, empowering, and celebrating women entrepreneurs on every continent. Additionally, WED will host its first annual Choose Women Wednesday on November 30, 2016 to celebrate and support women-owned businesses.

In Egypt, women entrepreneurs will be coming together for a Empower Women Video Project sponsored by What Women Want…Magazine to celebrate, support, and empower women entrepreneurs in the region.  May Abdel Asim has been selected as the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador for 2016 representing Egypt.

May Abdel Asim will be launching a series of initiatives and campaigns in support of entrepreneurial development and support for women in Egypt.  Established entrepreneur and leading businesswoman in her field, WED Ambassador May Abdel Asim, brings together a host of experience and opportunity for innovation and development for women entrepreneurs.

“I am honored to be part of such an empowering movement and will do my best to bring together the great female calibers we have in Egypt to act as change agents paving the way for future generations to follow suit. Statistically, women, when empowered, give back to their community, hence foster growth, so it must be top priority”, explains May Abdel Asim, Founder of What Women Want…Magazine and Media & More. Please visit us on Facebook and on Instagram 

“It’s an honor to be part of such a unique initiative.  November 19th – which marks the global celebration and observation of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – will serve as a launch pad for ideas and business opportunities for the community as a whole.  Celebrating, supporting and empowering women is vital for business and communities to flourish and grow,” commented Sarah Al Ayed Women’s Entrepreneurship Day MENA Regional Ambassador, CoFounder and Partner – TRACCS.  “Today we come together as a network to achieve success to help and support female entrepreneurs everywhere.”

The additional 2016 WED regional ambassadors include:

  • Tina McKenzie (Europe)
  • Cecile Watson (Caribbean)
  • Magda Chavela (Central and South America)
  • Katherina Capra (South America)
  • Sarrah Sammoon (Asia)
  • Leticia Browne (Africa)
  • Aksinia Stavskaya (North America)
  • Wendy Diamond (World Ambassador)

The ambassadors have been working diligently to create events simultaneously with WED’s annual event which will take place on Friday, November 18th at the United Nations in New York City. Everyone will come together to join WED’s mission in alleviating poverty by empowering, celebrating and supporting women in business worldwide.

“It’s inspiring to see women across the globe unite for a single cause,” said Wendy Diamond, Founder and President of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. “By donating their time, effort and resources to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, they are not only celebrating, supporting and empowering women in business in over 100 countries, but also contributing to global unification.”

WED will also launch its first annual Choose Women Wednesday on November 30, 2016. Although similar to Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday in the United States, Choose Women Wednesday will be a global initiative, encouraging people worldwide to show their support to women-owned businesses.

A social media campaign will simultaneously begin, inspiring people to post on social media with the hashtag #ChooseWOMEN and make a pledge to donate “time,” “talent” or “treasure.” At the UN event, WED will also announce a new e-commerce directory that will allow consumers to shop online with retailers that have come together to support  women-owned businesses . A percentage of sales will fund the organization’s goal of distributing 100,000 microloans to women to start their own businesses across the world in impoverished areas.

In 2015, WED achieved record-breaking participation with over 35,000 participants worldwide. This year, the organization hopes to increase participation and create a global think tank of women leaders who will advocate for WED’s mission year round.

“Empowering women worldwide and investing in their futures helps to drive and promote economic vitality and security locally and globally,” said Diamond. “Twenty-first century leadership skills, such as cooperation, communication, and sharing are more commonly associated with women. We want to celebrate the unwavering positives that women entrepreneurs bring to the global economy as well as inspire and support future generations of women entrepreneurs.”

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