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WikiStage; a new online and offline knowledge platform coming to Cairo

The WikiStage Association in Paris created a place where people gather and pool their knowledge and information. It aims to create a collaborative video platform for debate. Conferences around the world use the WikiStage platform to share their speaker’s videos.

The network of event organisers managed by the non-profit WikiStage Association is on its way to Cairo, Egypt.

WikiStage is both an international event, and online knowledge center, focused on merging an online and offline information platform. For the first time ever, they have created an event in Cairo on the 14th of April.

But, what exactly is WikiStage?


WikiStage; empowering through information

WikiStage aims to create a brand new online platform with short bursts of knowledge and inspiring content. WikiStage creates a platform where you can now watch as people emote and discuss their experiences and knowledge through live events and online recordings.

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The WikiStage Association in Paris is a nonprofit organization that has helped promote information and knowledge in over 15 countries since 2013.

“The idea is to build a new wiki project together, in the real world with events and online with a video library for free education. This open stage will empower people in every school, every university, library, company, museum and community…” stated Johannes Bittel, founder of WikiStage in an interview.

“We provide a stage for the world’s most interesting questions. With great events and useful videos, working to improve education and help strengthen debate in our societies stated the WikiStage team.

“…What we are doing here is something that is happening all over the world. People are sharing, people are producing videos, people are contributing to this debate.” Said Bittel.

What you don’t know about WikiStage 😉

What you don’t know about WikiStage 😉 #WikiStageCairo#MiraclesHappen

Posted by WikiStage Cairo on Sunday, February 4, 2018

 WikiStage; Coming to Cairo on April 2018

Under the Wikistage umbrella, events all over the world have been organized and now the platform will be landing in Cairo shortly.

Focusing on their theme, Miracles, the Cairo team of WikiStage will be introducing over 13 speakers at their April 14th event at the Lycée Balzac Theater.

Miracles are an open debate offering different point of views and real-life stories and situations.” Said the team.

“We [believe] that miracles are never about superpowers, many people living [around] us have succeeded in creating their own miracles.”

Catch their Miracle on the 14th, but hurry since there are only 300 tickets available. Register for the event here.

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