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Why the Creative Industry Summit’s “Annual Festival” is a Must-Attend

Here's what to expect under its theme: "Let's Talk Creative Economy"

Since its inception in 2014, the Creative Industry Summit has positioned itself as the go-to conference for everything related to the Creative Industries. Back then, it focused on Media, Marketing, Advertising, Branding, etc. It brought us Sir Martin Sorrell, the Executive Chairman of S4 Capital Limited; Naguib Sawiris, the Egyptian Real Estate and Telecommunications Magnate; H.E. Dr. Maya Morsy, the President of Egypt’s National Council for Women; Sophia, the humanoid robot; and many more prominent figures.

But over the course of its 8 years, it’s rapidly expanded to encapsulate the entirety of the Creative Economy!

Yes, under the theme, “Let’s Talk Creative Economy“, the Creative Industry Summit is launching its 14th edition under the name “Annual Festival” on Sept. 27-29. At the event, the people of Egypt’s Creative Economy are invited to join gurus, experts, disrupters, and game changers from the country and around the world.

And all of this will take place in Misr Italia Properties’ Cairo Business Park; East Cairo’s innovation and entrepreneurship hub and the Creative Industry Summit’s strategic partner.

Read on and you shall find out what the event is about at its core, who are some of its participants we’re most thrilled to meet, and what we believe it shall achieve…

But First, What is the Creative Economy? And Why is it Important?

The Creative Economy doesn’t have a solid definition yet, it continues to evolve. But it mainly refers to the sum of interactions between human creativity, ideas, intellectual property, knowledge, and technology. And so the concept embraces the cultural impact, products, and services that stem from creativity.

It only makes sense that it’s on top of the world’s agenda nowadays.

After all, in our times, the scarcity of resources necessitates the brilliance of ideas. And without creativity, there aren’t any brilliant ideas.

Recent UN estimates tell us that it generates annual revenues of over $2 trillion globally and accounts for around 50 million jobs worldwide. Theoretically, it’s even worth a lot more when you add cultural value to the equation.

According to G20 Insights, however, the Creative Economy was “growing rapidly and generating new jobs in every region of the world”. Research predicted it to account for up to 10 % of global GDP by 2030. But unfortunately, it’s been hit like no other faction of the economy by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now that we’re on the same page on its massive significance, let us walk you through how the Creative Industry Summit’s “Annual Festival” can play a role in its recovery in Egypt.

Case Studies and Insights to Master Creative Effectiveness in Marketing

Without successful marketing, the economy would suffer. Without creativity, marketing itself would suffer. But creativity needs to be effective.

So, the Creative Industry Summit is dedicating a decent portion of its “Annual Festival” to case studies and lessons on Creative Effectiveness!

And that’s why Warc, the leading British marketing consultancy, is bringing us lessons in creative effectiveness derived from case studies by brands across the globe.

At Cannes Lions, the international festival of creativity, Warc delivered the Warc Awards for Effectiveness (WAFE) in association with LIONS for two consecutive years. They’re the first awards built and benchmarked on the consistent, global language of the Effectiveness Code and judged using the Creative Effectiveness Ladder. 

During this session, the Commissioning Editor of Case Studies at Warc, Chiara Manco, will present and discuss a gold mine of insights and lessons in Creative Effectiveness derived from case studies by brands across the globe. If you’re looking for key themes and insights on harnessing creativity to drive results, look no further!

Additionally, a separate session will feature a metaverse case study by a promising Saudi Arabian agency, with all of its intricate details!

Powerful Keynote Speakers

Great events need great keynotes, and among the Creative Industry Summit’s “Annual Festival“, the following are our strongest recommendations…

Amr Kady, the CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board

At its peak in 2010, the sector employed 12% of Egypt’s workforce, according to Reuters. And to this day, it still stands as one of the country’s most prominent sources of incomeWhat is Egypt’s government doing right now to elevate tourism in the country? And how can the country and the world’s Creative Economy play a larger role in promoting it?

Amr El-Kady, the CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, to tackle ongoing endeavors and current challenges in the sector. 

Wherever you serve in the Creative Economy, you shouldn’t miss this!

Mark Adams, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation at Vice Media

A serial entrepreneur and the world’s first Digital Chief Officer, Adams will outline the first 3 ways in which brands must innovate and adapt their creative thinking to survive and conquer in this new uncharted environment. 

Brands born in the 20th century are struggling to come to terms with these new realities and must now leap to a completely new set of rules, understandings, and expectations from consumers.

According to Adams, for those that do, the rewards are huge. And for those that don’t, a future of obscurity lies ahead.

High-Level Workshops by Global Industry Leaders

Panels and keynotes are key to any event since they’re a chance to network with the best and a platform for crucial discussions and intriguing Qs and As. But workshops… That’s where the magic happens.

The Creative Industry Summit’s “Annual Festival” has curated a long list of workshops tailored to speak to the pain points and next trends of participants with different levels of expertise in the Egyptian Creative Economy.

But if we know our readers, we know this is the one you should be on the lookout for…

Islam ElDessouky, Global Creative Strategy Director at The Coca-Cola Company

Nothing is more challenging than optimizing the output of the creative team you manage. With decades of experience doing this, Islam ElDessouky, Global Creative Strategy Director at The Coca-Cola Company, is conducting a workshop to delve into the know-how you need to get better at it!

The Trendiest Artists & Content Creators

Mohamed Moula, the viral Comedian, Actor, and Creative Copywriter; Alaa El Sheikh, the Comedian, Associate creative director at Fp7Mccann Cairo, and podcast master; Mohamed Helmy, Comedian, and Founder and Managing Director of HelmyMan Events are just some of the trendy content creators joining the Creative Industry Summit’s “Annual Festival” this year.

From the side of platforms, Amr Ammar, the Creative Agency Partnerships Lead of North Africa at TikTok will be there to discuss case studies of branded viral social media challenges.

From Tech and AI to Fashion and E-Sports: 26 Tracks to Encapsulate the Creative Economy

The Creative Industry Summit is ensuring that its upcoming “Annual Festival” encapsulates the entirety of Egypt’s Creative Economy through the following 26 tracks:

Technologies Driving the Future

  • Web 3 (Powered by NFTY Scene)
  • Tech & AI
  • Apps
  • CinemaTech

Creativity Shaping Our Culture

  • Art
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Photography

Health-Centered Tracks

  • Food Innovation
  • Mental Wellness

Creativity in Brands & Business

  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Content Creation (Powered by Content Con)
  • Event Management
  • E-Commerce

Creativity in Sports

  • Sports 
  • E-Gaming

Special Tracks

  • Innovation
  • Cannes Lions
  • She Strikes
  • Creativity in KSA (Powered by Balaconah)
  • Sustainability
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship

But There’s More!

From Amr Kalaawy, Managing Director of FP7/CAI; to Omar Samra, the Founder and CEO of Wild Guanabana; Hoda Mansour, EMEA South Head of Business Process Intelligence (BPI) at SAP; and Naila Fattouh, Group Managing Director at IMPACT BBDO—the list is almost endless!

There are more speakers, workshops, panels, and a closing party awaiting your discovery at the Creative Industry Summit’s website where you or your company can register. You’ll find it all here. We’ll see you there!

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