Why Taking The Time To Do ‘Nothing’ Is Scary For Some People

Have you ever wanted to spend your day at either work or at home doing absolutely nothing?

We are very sure that the answer is yes because we have been there; we all just want a day where we stare at the wall. This feeling is completely normal, in fact, it is a sign of how stressed you are. As much as most of us experience this feeling and want to do it, some people still don’t.

Some people are actually scared of taking a break or sitting and doing nothing. However, doing nothing is actually important and has many benefits.

So, let’s find out why people are scared of doing nothing and why it is important to actually do it.


Why People Are Scared to Do Nothing

People think that if they did ‘nothing’ for a day or two, it will affect them negatively.

Many people stop themselves from taking a break and even when they try they fail, they always end up thinking about work. There are many things that drive people to never stop working or even think about the tasks waiting for them.

Here’s why


Fear of Failure

Some people think that doing nothing for a while can lead to failure.

Everyone is scared to fail and this fear drives some people to constantly work and study without spending a day doing nothing but staring at the ceiling! This fear of failure could drive a person to actually fail! The amount of anxiety a person can go through and the constant pressure could break them down!


Comparing Themselves To Others

When you compare yourself to others, it won’t motivate you.

Some people tend to compare their career and achievements to others; in fact, people have expressed on social media before that they feel they haven’t achieved anything every time they check LinkedIn, this is where the problem lies!

People think that by a certain age they should have made many achievements and always compare themselves to others. This is why they tend to always keep working and always think about work; as much as it can enhance their skills, it also can stress them out and might even make them fail.



Fomo is the fear of missing out and this is why some people refuse to catch their breath.

Spending some time without doing anything can make them feel that they could miss something! People take the responsibility of their work seriously to an unhealthy level as they want to make use of every minute to improve themselves.

This can sometimes turn into an obsession and always wanting to reach perfectionism! In fact, doing nothing for a while can refresh your mind so you can comprehend what you have missed.


Everything Would Fall Apart Without Them

Some people think that taking a day to stop and do nothing would lead to a crisis.

Doing nothing won’t destroy your work, in fact, it could enhance it. All you need to do in order for your business won’t fall apart is putting a smart plan so it enables you to clear your mind for a while. With s smart plan and a hardworking team, your business won’t fall apart without you.


The Importance of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing has many benefits and can have a positive effect on you.

There are many benefits of doing nothing. It enhances your mental health, restores your energy and focus, and helps you rearrange your thoughts. When you take a day or two to stop thinking and stop working, it can make you more productive and more focused.


So, doing nothing can’t affect you the way you think it can.

When was the last time you took some time to do absolutely nothing?

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