Why Salaries Are A Sensitive Matter For Some Companies and People

Over the years, we have been seeing many changes happening to the work system and we noticed how companies always adapt to the new norms. Even though systems have changed, there’s one thing that hasn’t completely, which is asking about the salary.

Many companies don’t reveal their salaries for their vacancies and many people don’t like sharing their salaries with their colleagues or friends; a candidate can’t even reveal their expected salary with the interviewer so they don’t give the wrong impression.

There are many reasons why employees and companies consider salaries as a sensitive topic or a secret, and we will tell you some of them.



1- Based On The Experience

Some companies don’t post the vacancy’s salary until they choose the proper candidate.

These companies keep the salary a secret because they want to decide based on experience. In fact, some of these companies state directly that they will determine the salary based on the candidate’s experience while other companies don’t even mention it.

This actually might cause confusion because some employees apply for a vacancy depending on the salary.



2- Too Much To Be Paid

Some employees think that their expected salary could be too much for the company to afford so they don’t share it.

Companies sometimes reject candidates because they’re overqualified and can’t afford their salaries. This is why some employees don’t like sharing their desired or expected salary as they worry that the company might reject them for having a high rate.

Also, candidates can be rejected because their current or previous salary can’t be afforded by the company.



3- Might Spark Jealousy

Colleagues tend to worry about sharing their salaries because it might start a problem between them or with the company.

Companies that determine the salary based on experience might provide different salaries for the same position. If colleagues shared this information, it might spark jealousy. Also, even if both employees are from different departments, they might still get jealous if the other one is higher.



4- You Only Care About The Money

Some employees worry about discussing salaries with their managers so they won’t look greedy.

Salaries are even sensitive when an employee wants to ask for a raise. In fact, some of them avoid the discussion even though they know they deserve a raise because they handle more than what their job description says.

Some employees think that asking for a raise or complaining that their salary is lower than their assigned task will make them look as if they care about the money not the performance of the company.

This thought actually can make employees think that discussing salaries with their managers might lead them to be fired because they’d be leaving the wrong impression; so, instead, they avoid discussing it and wait for their manager to notice that they deserve a raise.



5- Hiring Employees At Lower Rate

Another reason why companies keep salaries a secret because they want to hire employees or freelancers at a lower rate.

Some companies worry they might be attacked if they offered low salaries, this is why they don’t reveal it in their hiring post. They actually use this option to offer low rates because some candidates might accept.



6- It’s Rude to Ask / It’s sensitive to Answer

Some people consider salaries as a private matter that no one should know of.

People tend to be sensitive when it comes to their salary especially if it might be less than their colleagues or friends, while others consider it part of their privacy because they don’t want people to know how much they spend.


What about you? Do you keep your salary a secret or Are you ok with sharing it publicly? 

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