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Why People Prefer A Certain Social Media Platform [Based on True Stories]

Over the years with the emergence of social media platforms, we can frankly say that we are all addicted to a certain platform. Social media became some sort of a sanctuary for people; each individual can find their own haven in this platform.

The question here is, have you ever asked yourself why you love a certain platform? It is possible that when you pick a platform to be your favorite, you don’t state yourself the reasons, you just automatically head to it more than the others.

So, what makes a platform so special?

The answer lies in this article as we asked people what is their favorite social media platform and why.


Do You Think All Social Media Platforms Are Similar?

Your spontaneous answer to that question would probably be a no, but let’s take a moment and think about it.

Most of the platforms compete to grab users’ attention; this is why when a certain platform adds a new feature, you find other platforms adding the same. If you actually compared any two platforms, you’d find that what you can do on one of them, can be done on the other.

They all compete until most of them now almost serve the same purpose and have the same features.


Same Features, Different Platforms

It only takes one platform to release a new feature, and the rest follows.

Do you remember when Snapchat was all about stories? Then suddenly Instagram added the same feature. Do you remember what happened when Instagram added it? Facebook actually added the same feature later on.

So, technically, if we compared the two platforms, they almost have the same features; aside from Facebook buying Instagram later on.

Both platforms offer chat, Stories, Posting pictures and comments; also, you can follow or unfollow and unfriend. Another example is Instagram and Pinterest, both revolve around sharing photos and following people, only Pinterest doesn’t offer you chatting.

The same thing applies on most of the platforms aside from some different features


What’s your favorite Social Media Platform and Why?

We actually asked few people about their favorite platform and why they love it, and here are the answers.

I will have to say Pinterest and then Quora. You can find unlimited topics on Quora, and they’re all fun and interesting; you can find inspiring and insightful content regarding whatever you’re looking for.  Also, you can ask any question regarding any topic and people will answer based on their own personal experience. So, you will have different opinions to form a proper point of view regarding any matter. All that people do there is help.

As for Pinterest, its content is visual, it’s full of ideas and can help anyone who’s looking for creative content.

Ahmed Elashry – Creative Director


Instagram has to be my favorite; people don’t really text on it and it doesn’t include the same arguments that are on Facebook. It’s all about pictures and memories and I can actually post my work there. As for my second favorite, it’s Twitter; you’re completely alone there, no family or relatives, you can write whatever you want; if you want to reach a certain company or a public figure, you can do it easily on Twitter.

Kareem Magdy – Senior Graphic Designer


I would say that my favorite two platforms are Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is secure, and it’s like a digital magazine; it appeals to the eyes because of its visuals. It’s also very informative when it comes to the shop section, everything has its price. As for Twitter, to me, it’s sarcastic and selective, even though there are arguments, you can’t spot them as you do on Facebook.

Robeen Fayed – Senior Video Editor and Makeup Artist


TikTok and Pinterest are my favorite. As a content creator, I can get many ideas from Pinterest that really help me in work. As for TikTok, it’s really entertaining, I could spend hours on this app without feeling bored.

Mohamed Sukkar – Content Creator


My ultimate favorite one is Instagram, you can avoid all the social media hassle on it. It revolves around the accounts you follow, so you get to choose what you see. Recently, I unfollowed all of the influencers and every account that doesn’t interest me and kept those that I actually love. I even stopped using Facebook because of all the drama on it. Twitter might be my second favorite because it’s the place where everyone can be themselves without judging.

Nour Kadry – Social Media Specialist 


Tumblr has to be my favorite, it gives some sort of freedom and it’s filled with art.

Sara Wmp – Professional Photographer  


Facebook has been around for a long time, it’s easy to use, I’m familiar with it, and it has almost all of my memories; probably the only annoying thing about it is ads and privacy. Reddit would be my second favorite; you can literally find anything and anyone there. Anyone can answer your question, even Obama himself. You can ask questions in any field or any topic, and people would just answer you. Also, the puns in Reddit comments are great.

Mohamed Magdy – Senior Software Engineer


Recently, it became Instagram; I can find channels that really serve my interests. I also love Twitter, it’s like a big family house, it’s entertaining, and you can find a new story and argument every day.

Farida Reda – Content Creator


Are The Users The Ones Who Make The Platform Special?

Here’s something to think about, Do you prefer this platform because of its features or because of what other users put there?

Features are definitely a factor, but since most platforms share the same features, users are actually the ones who make this platform special. Most of the opinions stated previously revolves around content, except when it comes to privacy or ads.

So, the question here is, if the users’ behavior changed on a certain platform, do you think it will become people’s favorite?
For example, if Facebook users started behaving like Instagram’s or Twitter’s users? Do you think it would become people’s favorite platform?


Now, it’s your turn, tell us which social media platform is your favorite and why.

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