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Why Online Advertisement Works

A recent study made by Nielsen suggests that, in 2013 63 percent of marketers state they will increase their online brand advertising budgets, with 20 percent reporting that those budgets will grow by 20 percent or more.

Forty-eight percent of brand marketers will shift dollars from television into online video.

It is Indisputable that Online Advertising has become one of the most important types of advertising and is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic and increase exposure.

In a recent report compiled by Comscore, Nearly 6 trillion display ad impressions were delivered across the web in 2012 as brand marketers become increasingly comfortable with a medium capable of delivering strong marketing ROI.

While people use online brand advertising to drive traffic to their online activities brand advertising’s full potential lies in exposure and brand awareness.

Here are a few reasons why Online Advertising Works:


Large Audience:

In December 2012 the top 5 U.S web properties recorded having more than 120 Million unique visitors each. This is a huge opportunity for brand marketers who want to make use of the large audience surfing the web on a daily basis.

To put these numbers into perspective, the average audience per show for American Idol in 2013 was around 13 million.


Unique Targeting Capabilities:

Online advertising has unique targeting capabilities that are not available in offline advertising these capabilities include Geographical targeting, Demographical targeting and Behavioral targeting.

These complicated targeting capabilities allow advertisers to reach their desired target audience easily.

With online advertising you can target a male or female living in a certain city with specific interests while using a particular operating system or browser at a certain time.


Simple and fast:

Nowadays it is very easy to setup an online campaign as all the complexity goes in the back end.

Some campaigns only need 1-2 days in order to go live

Publishers make it even easier by providing advertisers with the tools and information needed to start their campaigns.


Cost Effective:

Online advertising normally costs much less than offline advertising and production costs are also much cheaper than in offline ads.

There are plenty of pricing options when it comes to online ads, basic pricing models include CPM (Cost Per Impression), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action) and exclusive basis (1 day, 1 week, etc.)



Online campaigns enable advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns, publishers provide detailed reports that allow advertisers to measure the campaign’s performance.



All of these benefits show the importance of online ads and why it has become very popular among marketing professionals, this does not mean that digital advertising will be replacing the traditional advertising but it’s definitely something that should be included in all of the marketing campaigns.


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Hatem Ayoub

Regional Marketing Manager MENA - Digital Marketing and Online Advertising expert. I am an MBA holder with over 10 years of professional work experience, also a frequent speaker, trainer and advisor/consultant.