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Why Facebook Turned Yellow?

An attempt of crowd sourcing to showing solidarity with Rabaa protesters, Muslim Brotherhood supporters created a yellow poster showing a palm making the number four, which is because Rabaa also means the number four in Arabic.

The original Rabaa solidarity poster that started on Facebook
The original Rabaa solidarity poster that started on Facebook

People had been gathering in the area for months at rallies to support decisions by ex President Mohamed Morsi and then for sit-ins after his ouster on July 3. Rabaa Adawiya was the main protest camp in Nasr City, Cairo for Brotherhood pro-Morsi and the poster was created the poster in response to Recep Erdoğan [Prime Minister of Turkey] waving with his 4 fingers to show solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The poster was meant to attract kind of sympathy with Muslim Brotherhood supporters but it took few minutes to started counter response posters using the original Rabaa poster theme to show the opposite !

We are not sure how many counter posters was created but we collected more than 60 and decided to share the funniest ones with sense of humor. Most or, almost all the designed posters ware attacking Rabaa and ex President Morsi and may be the curfew played its role by giving room for the bored people to have some fun express their political opinion in creative way.

Social Media and Politics //

During major moments in politics, where do you turn for news? Increasingly, the answer to that question is social media. Social media provides real-time updates that often outshine that of major news sources. In fact,Social media fuels the political scene in Egypt since 2011 and no-doubt it become a strong indicator for the Egyptian public opinion.

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When the military threatened President Morsi with an ultimatum to meet protestors’ demands for a more inclusive government, Morsi responded with his rejection via Twitter. SCAF [The Supreme Council of the Armed Force] which governs the military in Egypt, preferred to post updates on Facebook. Despite the military overthrow, a verified Twitter account affiliated with President Morsi continued to tweet in defiance. Facing a lack of statements elsewhere, top news sites posted these social media updates.

While Erdogan saluted the Brotherhood with the Rabaa sign made by raising four fingers, which its not a secret that he is pushing hard to show it as a symbol of massacre. Many Egyptians decided to take a counter attack defending their believes in supporting the Egyptian Police in clearance of Rabaa sit-in which became nucleus of violence.

Sample of humors Posters spread allover Facebook pages.
Sample of humors Posters spread allover Facebook pages.

Few days ago Barack Obama page was under massive traffic by Egyptians posting and sharing comments to reject the US interference in Egypt’s internal affairs as response for Obama speech in which he announced canceling Operation Bright Star.

Social Media become an arena for Egyptians not just to express their opinion for the government, But! also to the entire word when they started hashtag ‪#‎ObamaMotherHasNohair‬  [it’s an insult in Egypt to tell someone “your mama is bald”.]

#‎ObamaMotherHasNohair‬ trending in Egypt
#‎ObamaMotherHasNohair‬ trending in Egypt

Social media has for years been a source of news and information during political upheaval. It’s also been a place for groups to organize. Both of those phenomena have happened plenty in Egypt since 25 Jan 2011. With social media users getting their news more and more from sites like Facebook and Twitter, your business or agency can get on board with newsjacking – as long as it is tasteful and relevant.

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