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Facebook Page for Sale | Why Brands should fear/pay Agencies

The amount of agencies and companies in the market continue to grow, creativity and innovation in the region is flowing. Yet, there continues to be an age-old problem throughout the decades that creative agencies continue to face.

Payment Pains.

Customer experience (CX) is defined by interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship. An interaction can include awareness, discovery and marketing services. And the same thing can be said of the Client-Agency experience, but this client is feeling the negative feedback on its own feed.

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Companies not paying their social or marketing agencies are something not uncommon to many in the field. It is many marketers’ dream to be able to shame clients that have decided to withhold payment for some kind of reason, and today we see agencies decided just to take the payback to the next level.

Social Media = Public Humiliation?

An agency or social marketer behind a production house Facebook account has taken to the company’s page to get a little payback.

The post states that the page is for sale because they have not been paid by the client. Al Remas Film Production also seems to have produced Mohamed Ramadan’s infamous “Mafia” music video.

The post has received a lot of support through out the comments, and is sure to become a hidden hero to many small agencies or independent contractors out there.

A Warning to Companies to Pay their Agencies

In 2013, a fitness chain named Fitness SF was under fire for not paying their agency after the agency took matters into their own hands by taking over the company’s website.

What happened should be taken by companies as a warning; not only to do the right thing and pay what you owe, but to have procedures and actual ownership of your online platforms to ensure that something like this won’t happen to your business.

Yet, let’s be honest, paying what is due is always the correct action.

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