Who is behind Pepsi and Chipsy Ramadan 2013 Ad

The soft drink giant Pepsi launched a Ramadan 2013 campaign with Chipsy reminding Egyptians how important family to re-ignite the spirit of Ramadan by bringing together the most famous Ramadan icons: Nelly, Fatouta, 3amo Fouad and Boogie & Tamtam. Let’s complete our gathering

As part of this strategy, Pepsi and Impact BBDO have booked entire commercial blocks to show this 3 minute film over the Ramadan month. In the film old iconic Ramadan TV personalities are brought back to remind people that Ramadan is for spending time with the family.

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It stars Fouad el-Mohandes (with the lamp) who died in 2006 and Nelly (lady on the moon) who is now in her 60′s but should look like she did in her early 30′s. As a consequence Ghost VFX team had to make some very complex 3D face replacements and numerous other VFX fixes, all to a very aggressive deadline.

Pepsi & Chipsy Ramadan 2013 Soundtrack Download

 Executive Creative Director: Hussam Moro
Associate Creative Director: Ahmed Hefnawy
Arabic Senior Copywriter: Mostafa Hamza
English Copywriter: Wael Khairy
Art Director: Amr Mohsen
Senior Graphic Designer: Sherif Mansour, Ahmed Saad
Graphic Designers: Bassem Elaish
Senior Illustrator: Mohamed Magdy

Head of TV Production: Mohamed Abd El Rehim
TV Producer: Saleh ElAzab
Line Producer: Sarah Hashem

Managing Director: Emile Tabanji
Business Unit Director: Philippe Berthelot
Group Planning Director: Weera Hassan
Planning Director: Mohamed Abdullatif
Senior Account Manager: Ahmed Fahmy, Hebatullah Essawy
Account Executive: Hend Ghorab

Production House: ASAP
Director: Rob Sanders
Director’s Producer: Tom Shard
DOP: Simon Dennis
Art Director: Mohamed Atteya
Music Composition: Hassan ElShafei
Post Production: Ghost


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