What to Do When You Want to Ask for A Promotion

We are driven by our passion and ambition. When you start a certain career path, it’s because it’s what you’re passionate about, and what makes you keep going is your ambition to grow bigger. When a person tastes success, they will want more. So, when you start achieving success and growth in your career, you will want to move to the next level.

This is why many employees ask for promotions, and if you are considering asking your manager for one, then we will tell you what to do before doing so.


1- Timing Matters

You should be aware of the proper time to request a meeting with your manager.

The first thing you do is making sure if the position you want is available. What comes after this step is making sure if your company is ready to promote someone. The promotion comes with a salary increase, so you have to make sure your company’s financial status is stable.


2- Do You Have The Proper Experience?

Before considering a promotion, make sure you got the best out of your current position.

You have to be fully experienced with what you’re doing currently; you can’t ask for a promotion while you’re still learning from your current position. You have to know everything and get the best out of it. Being fully experienced will enable you to pass on your experience to those who will fill your position.


3- Do You Have What It Takes?

You have to be aware of the position you want to fill with its requirements.

Every position has its own requirements so you have to be ready for it. You should know that there will be different obstacles and situations from the ones you face currently. You have to improve your skills and even learn more to fit in the position.

You will be dealing with different people and you will handle different tasks. So, are you up for that?


4- Ask for More Responsibilities

While you’re in your current position, ask your manager for more responsibilities.

This is can be considered as a dropping a hint that you want to fill this position in the future. Take it as an opportunity to learn and to practice for the new position. Handling tasks and responsibilities from your desired position will enable you to fill it easily when you’re promoted.


5- Can You Handle These Responsibilities?

New Positions mean new responsibilities, can you handle them?

After getting your manager’s approval of handling new responsibilities, you have to test yourself if you can handle them. Consider it as a trial to see if this is what you want and if you have the right skills. This will make you notice the skills you need for this position so you can start working on them.


6- Seek Those With Experience

Ask people who are in this position about every little detail.

Gather all the details you want and every tip you can get. People who are in this position know its secrets and they will give you their tips and tricks to handle it.

You have to sit with someone who can tell you how to deal with the problems you might face with this promotion and what to expect from it. Also, what the future will hold for you after you get promoted.


7- Prepare Your Answers

When you finally decide that you want to discuss a promotion with your manager, be ready with answers to their questions.

Your manager will ask you all kinds of questions about the position and about the reason why you want a promotion. So, when you go to this meeting, prepare your answers.

Be ready with your work, the responsibilities you have been handling, and all the projects you worked on. You have to go there and convince your manager that you’re right for this position and that you will make a difference.


Remember, the more your career grows, the more responsibility you will have, so make sure you’re ready. 

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