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What If Harry Potter’s Characters Worked In Marketing?: The Perfect Title For Each Character

We started this new year with one of the most exciting and nostalgic news, which is the reunion of our childhood favorite movies’ and books’ characters Harry Potter. The reunion was announced last month and every Potterhead was so thrilled to witness such a moment since almost most of us grew up watching Harry Potter and waiting for Hagrid to bust in our doors telling us “You’re a Wizard”.

To honor these movies and this beautiful reunion, we decided to dedicate an article to Harry Potter’s characters and imagine if they worked in a marketing agency. Which title would each one have?

Let’s dig in.


*I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good*


Professor Dumbledore: The Co-founder

Who’s better than Dumbledore to be the owner of the agency that knows every little detail!

Dumbledore was the one to keep Hogwarts’s image clean, he spent many years maintaining its reputation and keeping the students safe and sound and out of trouble. Just like the owner of any agency, they always care about the agency’s reputation and try their best to keep it and its employees out of trouble.

Both Dumbledore and agency owners are wise and want their place to be a second home to their team.



Professor McGonagall: HR Manager

“Perhaps it would be more useful if I were to transfigure Mr. Potter or yourself into a pocket watch?” Said, McGonagall.

The previous quote says why we chose professor McGonagall as the HR manager. Throughout the movies, we could see McGonagall taking points and being strict when it comes to appointments and classes.

She also can spot hidden talents, remember when she made Harry the youngest Quidditch seeker? And when she gave Hermione the time turner so she can take more classes.

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Professor Snape: Sales Manager

We have two positions for professor Snape, 1- He could be a sales manager, and 2- He could be a general manager.

A sales manager has to have persuasive skills and has to know how to get information so he can make a sale and close a deal, and Snape had done this many times.

Professor Snape can be a sales manager for his ability to persuade people and convince them with his intentions. He convinced Dumbledore to protect Lilly and James from The Dark Lord in return for his loyalty and later he convinced Lord Voldemort and the whole Death Eaters that he’s on their side to kill Potter; he actually convinced everyone that he was deceiving Dumbledore the whole time.

Another point of view makes Snape a general manager for being second right after Dumbledore and for knowing all the secrets that no one knows other than the headmaster himself; he even became the headmaster right after he killed Dumbledore.

A co-founder trusts the general manager and that’s what we all saw with Dumbledore and Snape.

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Ginny Weasley – General Manager

Ginny is known for her brilliant skills and being bossy.

A general manager is bossy and has to be with a strong character just like Ginny.

Ginny is actually one of the smartest and powerful witches; over the whole series, we could see her transform from the girl who fangirls over Harry and was taken to the chamber of secrets to actually being in the Quidditch team yelling “Shut it” at everyone and helping Harry in fighting death eaters.

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Hermione Granger – Content Creator

A bookworm and an excellent researcher.

We believe that if Hermione were a muggle, she’d be holding an English degree. A content creator has the widest vocabulary and has good research skills; they have the eye to spot spelling mistakes and even pronunciation mistakes, hint: “It’s LaviOsaaa, not LavioSA!” and when she helped Harry and Ron figure out the monster in the chamber of secret; all because of her research.

A content creator also has to have the skills to persuade their audience, and that’s what Hermione has; remember when she persuaded Harry to create Dumbledore’s army? And then she convinced the rest of the students to join.


Ron Weasley – Community Manager

We couldn’t think of someone better than Ron.

A community manager has to have good communication skills to deal with people’s comments and messages and we can see that in Ron. Ron has good communication skills; over the movies, you can see him having more connections than Harry. He’s funny and has his own sarcastic replies.


Harry Potter – PR Manager

Who is the one who always saved the day and saved Hogwarts? The answer is Harry Potter.

Harry is just like a PR manager, he always saved the day when something is threatening the reputation of Hogwarts. He was always the one to deal with disasters and not just with Hogwarts. Harry wanted to clean Sirius Black’s name as well.

Harry was Hogwarts saver and always made sure to defend the school, Dumbledore, and students and keep them unharmed; he even stood up against the rumors around the return of the He who must not be named. Just like the PR manager, they are the organization’s savers.

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Luna Lovegood – Graphic Designer

Luna is a typical artist.

Luna could be a great graphic designer for her high creativity and she has an open mind. She has the ability to see things others can’t see and that’s what enabled her to tell Harry what the Horcrux could be.

The talents and abilities of Luna could make her create her own world through graphic design.


The Weasley Twins – Event Managers

Just tell them to plan something fun and they will give you the best time.

Fred and George are the kings of games, pranks, and tricks; mention the word fun and their name will immediately pop up. Through the whole 8 movies, we have seen them bring out the best during the hard times; when Diagon Alley was almost empty and dark, the twins opened their Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes to add some fun.

They have planned many pranks, especially on Dolores Umbridge. So, they are the perfect event managers.


Voldemort – Client

They’re both evil! Sorry, we had to say it.

Both Voldemort and Clients just want everyone to do what they’re saying no matter what! They always think they’re right and everyone else just doesn’t get it and they think they know what’s best for the brand and in Voldemort’s case, he thinks he knows what’s best for the wizardry community.

Do we need to say more or it’s obvious why Voldemort is like a client?


Draco Malfoy – Account Manager

We know account managers are kind on the inside but they just have to follow the client’s orders! This is what Draco did.

Draco knew that following the Dark Lord is wrong but he couldn’t do anything about it because of his parents. We could see Draco having an inner conflict and he was torn between doing the right thing and following Voldemort’s orders because of his fear!

There couldn’t be a better description of what an account manager does other than Malfoy’s crisis.

Also, him running away, in the end, is like when the account manager finally stands up to the client.


From a Potterhead to another, do you agree with the list or do you have different titles for the characters?

*Mischief Managed*

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