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What Happened In The First 24 Hours In Ramadan: Here’s A Quick Recap On The First Day

As the first day of the holy month of Ramadan finished, we can frankly say that a lot has happened. Most of the brands launched their campaigns yesterday and we have been seeing too many adverts, some of them are topping the charts in just 24 hours and we have been seeing too many different opinions. In fact, some controversy has already started!

So, if you couldn’t keep up with what happened in the first 24 hours of Ramadan, we are here to tell you what you have missed!


Telecom Sector


As always Vodafone makes us all sentimental.

The number one telecom company collaborated with the icon “El Hadaba” Amr Diab and launched its Ramadan campaign under the name of “What We Have Is Life” or “Eli Benna Hayah”. The released advert a jingle-based and it triggered everyone’s emotions.

The advert has gained very positive feedback and many comments stated that the advert made them want to be in a relationship!

The advert on Facebook has over 8 million views, 112K reactions, over 7K comments, and 15K shares. On YouTube, it has over 1 million views. All of these numbers happened in less than 24 hours.


Orange has answered our question that we have been thinking about for a long time about their Ramadan collaboration.

Orange has achieved huge success when it collaborated with the famous singer Hussein Al-Jasmi and we were wondering if there will be another collaboration this Ramadan since both work with each other beautifully. The answer is No. Orange collaborated with the stars Nelly Karim, Mona Zaki, and Dina El-Sherbiny.

Since Ramadan came in the spring season, Orange decided to create an advert that is cheerful and colorful and it is inspired by the beautiful icon Soaad Hosny since she represents this beautiful season with her songs.

The advert also received very positive feedback, except for a few opinions that saw that the advert doesn’t relate to Ramadan.

On Facebook, the advert has over 6 million views, 105K reactions, 7K comments, and over 6k shares. As for YouTube, it has over 1 million views.


The brand has not yet released its advert and only released a teaser starring the famous actor Ahmed Ezz.

After last year’s collaboration, we can’t help but be very curious about the collaboration with Ezz. We wonder what Etisalat will be presenting this Ramadan.


We Telecom

We released an advert that is on top.

The telecom company collaborated with 2 famous comedian actors, Yasmine Abdelaziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz.

The advert represented the everlasting debate between different generations that the holy month of Ramadan is different from one generation to another! The advert is funny and cheerful and both the actors have put a smile on the viewers’ faces.

The question here is, did the advert deliver its message?

There’s no denying that the advert has almost zero negative feedback but did it actually succeed to promote the new offer?

On Facebook, the advert has 236K views and 5.3K reactions, while on YouTube it is the number one trend with over 1 million views.



Banks’ Sector

Banque Misr

As always the bank started the race earlier with an unexpected collaboration.

We are used to listening to Mahmoud El-Eissily’s voice in all Banque Misr’s advert, but this time, we heard a different one.

The bank collaborated with the famous singer Sherine and created a very catchy jingle and a very inspiring advert. The advert delivers a message to all persistent people to keep fighting for their dreams and goals. The advert is number 4 trending on YouTube.

So, the advert was viral for two reasons, for how emotional and beautiful it is and for how people relate the the key message. The positive feedback is all over social media platforms.

On Facebook, the advert has over 15 million views, 138K reactions, 8.4K comments, and over 13k shares. As for YouTube, it has over 13 million views.


Egypt Post

Egypt Post reveals the secret of success.

After last year’s collaboration with the superstar Mohamed Hamaki, Egypt Post collaborated with El Hadaba Amr Diab this year.

The campaign is under the name of “The Secret” or “El Ser” and it presents the secret to succeed in what you’re passionate about. There was no better than Amr Diab to collaborate with as everyone always wants to know his secret to having all this success and also his secret of always looking young.

In fact, Diab’s secret of always looking young is the reason why the advert went viral on Facebook as everyone expressed their opinions about this matter in a funny way.


Clothing Sector

Dice Sparks Controversy

It’s just the second day and Dice’s advert is already taken down!

Dice released its advert yesterday that showed a guy whose clothes were ripped and being criticized by the doctor and nurse! This caused a backlash from the medical syndicate as it filed a complaint and demanded to take the advert off-air.

Today the ministry of information decided to take down the advert.



We would like to say that Cottonil played it safe.

Cottonil always sparked controversy with its adverts in Ramadan, and it even has an advert that was taken down before. This time Cottonil created a jingle-based advert in collaboration with the superstar Hakim.


Food and Beverage

La Poir

Occasion or not, La Poir got your back.

The brand released an advert that its message revolves around the idea of adding something sweet to your life whether there’s an occasion for it or not.


Healthy & Tasty

Healthy and Tasty is a brand for healthy food and it participated in the Ramadan race this year by releasing an advert to encourage people to eat healthy food.


White Goods & Home Appliances

Union Air

Union Air released its advert a day before Ramadan starts.

The brand collaborated with the actress Ghada Adel and the standup comedian Abdelrahman Mohamed. The advert is funny as Ghada Adel is doing two characters, a man and a woman.

On Facebook, the advert has over 2 million views.



After last Ramadan’s advert, Fresh made a slight change.

Last Ramadan, Fresh collaborated with the singer Ruby and the actress Dina El-Sherbiny and presented an advert that went viral in a split second. This year, the brand kept Ruby but collaborated with the singer Mahmoud El-Essily to create its jingle-based advert for this Ramadan.


ElAraby Group

Elaraby Group promoted Sharp and La Germania with two different adverts.

For Sharp’s advert, the brand collaborated with the actors Kareem Fahmy, Ahmed Magdy, Jamila Awad, Tara Emad, and many more.


As for La Germania, the brand collaborated with the actresses Hoda ElMofty, Asmaa Galal, and Hend Abdelhalim.

On YouTube, Sharp’s advert has over 17K views and on Facebook, it has 32K views. As for La Germania, on YouTube, it has over 6K views, while on Facebook it has 25K views.



Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation

The organization created a jingle-based advert in collaboration with the singer Hesham Abbas to encourage people to donate and save children’s life.

On Facebook, the advert has 174K views and on YouTube, it has over 12K views.


Real Estate Sector

Talaat Mostafa Group

The brand collaborated with the actor Karim Abdelaziz and presented an advert under the name of “Karim’s stories in Madinaty”.

From the first advert, we expect that the campaign will include multiple stories told by Karim Abdelaziz.

On YouTube, the advert has over 122K views, while on Facebook, it has 4.3K views.



ZED collaborated with multiple celebrities and launched a cheerful campaign.

The brand collaborated with the icon Elissa, Tamer Hosny, Yousra, Emad Met’eb, Nelly Karim, Ahmed Dash, Hoda ElMofty, and many more. The advert presented a very catchy song by the two superstars Tamer Hosny and Elissa.

The advert used the reverse technique in the beginning, which reminded us of the old song Monaya by Mostafa Amar and in fact, it was mentioned many times on Facebook.

On YouTube, the advert has over 300K views.



Another collaboration with Meryam Faris and another jingle-based advert.

Last year, Zahra’s advert went viral as its jingle was loved by everyone. This year, the brand collaborated with the singer Meryam Faris, Abu, and the actor Ahmed Hatem and created another jingle-based advert with the same concept as last year’s.

The advert so far has 481 views on Facebook and we can’t help but wonder if it will gain more views in the next few days.


We’re still waiting for the rest of the brands to release their campaigns. Which of these adverts did you like the most and which brand you’re still waiting for its advert.

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