What cars are Egyptians buying?

4% of Egypt’s GDP is lost due to traffic congestion, according to statistics from the World Bank. Even though the fact sounds depressing, it does have a bittersweet side: in terms of business, the automotive passenger car market must be booming. Crowded streets mean high demand on cars. Adding the lack of public transportation possibilities, it does seem like the country’s automotive market is based on necessity, not luxury. Several global manufacturers have set foot in Egypt’s automotive market.

Market Share of Car Brands in Egypt- 2012
Market Share of Car Brands in Egypt- 2012

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”left” author=””]Sales growth 2011 – 2012: +8.2%[/blockquote]But where do Egyptians head to respond to the necessity of owning a car? The magazine of the German-Arab Chamber for Industry and Commerce (GACIC) recently published a special edition on the automotive industry in Egypt. Besides focusing on the spare part market, alternative mobility and various other issues, the German-Arab Trade magazine (GAT) introduced numbers extracted from Egypt’s Automotive Marketing Information Council on the sales of passenger cars in Egypt.

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